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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Lamarck Jean

Andrew Hawkins

Search Sites - 14 views

Search diigo
started by Andrew Hawkins on 05 Nov 09 no follow-up yet
Lamarck Jean

Annotated link doesn't work - 30 views

bug priority Diigolet diigo annotations ka0sv
started by Lamarck Jean on 04 Nov 09 no follow-up yet
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Lamarck Jean

diigo v4, I don't like some features - 54 views

v4 suggestions problems autocomplete
  • Lamarck Jean
    First problem:

    In My library I select a tag and then diigo shows me a list of related tags. I can select some of them to filter the search better. Well, in diigo v3 we have 2 usefull features that diigo v4 has lost.

    a) A simply view of selected tags: In diigo v3 we can see in the top right which tags are marked or selected. Exactly we had two sites. One site to see the related tags and other site to see wich tags we have selected. In both sites we have the (+) and (-) symbol to add or remove some tag. In diigo v4 I don't have anything that shows me which tag I have selected, just the writted words in the tag search box. My opinion is that if the related tags are visible, the selected tags should to be visible too in the interface and not just in the search box.

    b) The most usefull and intuitive for me that allows us to go back in the tag adding process. With the symbol (-) we can go back and remove some concrete tag and try again with other related tags.

    Example of b)

    Selecting science, diigo shows me some related tags with science like biology, interactive, education, resources, etc. I select the second tag interactive and later a third tag education. I have filtered my search by "science + interactive + education". And here begins the problem. What I have to do If I want to remove the tag "interactive" and change it for "resources"?

    In diigo v3 we just have to remove the tag "interactive" by clicking (-) and then select the tag "resources", that's all, only two mouse movements, click (-) on interactive and click (+) on resources..This is the easiest and fastest way.

    But, which is the way in diigo v4 to do the same process? The absence of (-) symbol force us to manually remove the tag in the search box. Go to the search box, put the mouse over the tag, delete manually the word with keyboard, push return key...too much steps for us. We have to use the mouse and keyboard. One click of mouse to put the cursor over the tag and two different keys to remove (backspace) and reload (return) the page. Not usefull I think.

    This is my firs overview of diigo v4 and I am not entirely satisfied.

    Hi graham, I think that my english is better that my last time, LOL

    PD: I have seen that this new forum version doesn't autocomplete the tags when we are writting. That's right?
  • Lamarck Jean
    Thank you very much Joe for add the + and + in tags
Lamarck Jean

Has the "about" link been removed? - 20 views

about help diigo suggestion meta
  • Lamarck Jean

    In older diigo versions we have the "about" link near every bookmark but I didn't find it in this new version of diigo.

    Has been removed for a particular reason?

    This is the link that I am looking for near every bookmark
  • Lamarck Jean
    I don't understand many things, the older version has some problems and this new version has solved some of them but has created new problems and removed very usefull features.

    I have a list of some features and interface changes that have gone to worst. I really don't understand what is the reason of this changes, if they are done consciusnes or perhaps a little lapsus.

    Sorry for my english
  • Lamarck Jean
    Perhaps people who created diigo would add the "about" link in Meta page?

    "About" link provides information that is not visible in Meta page.
Lamarck Jean

Scroll bar in my tags - 15 views

scroll diigo suggest problems help tags suggestion
started by Lamarck Jean on 16 Oct 09 no follow-up yet
Lamarck Jean

Search our topics - 13 views

suggestion diigo forum help group topic search
started by Lamarck Jean on 16 Oct 09 no follow-up yet
  • Lamarck Jean
    How can I find just my topics in this forum?

    I have searched by "lamarck" but not all of them are shown.

    I think that, like in other forums, we can see in our profile the topics that we have created in this forum.

    And another question. Why diigo forum search box doesn't allow us to search in the full body topic, just in tags, annotations or URL?

    Thanks, Lamarck
Peter Pan

Advanced search removed? - 222 views

resolved advanced_search feature search-feature search help syntax
started by Peter Pan on 18 Jan 09 no follow-up yet
Lamarck Jean

Highlight, sticky notes and colours - 12 views

colours highlight sticky
started by Lamarck Jean on 08 Aug 09 no follow-up yet
Lamarck Jean

Search just in highlighted bookmarks - 10 views

highlight howto search syntax help
started by Lamarck Jean on 08 Aug 09 no follow-up yet
  • Lamarck Jean
    How can I search just in my highlighted bookmarks?

    And, How can I search for a concrete highlight?
Lamarck Jean

Help section is not visible - 8 views

help suggest
Lamarck Jean

Friend request - 14 views

friends request
started by Lamarck Jean on 08 Aug 09 no follow-up yet
  • Lamarck Jean
    Diigo just send me friend request to my gmail account. I would want that diigo also send me the friend request in "my messages" of diigo interface.

    Sorry, my english is bad, I don't find the correct words to explain it better.
Lamarck Jean

Something similar to this feature? - 21 views

delicious inbox friends help send message resolved
  • Lamarck Jean


    The most similar feature in diigo is to subscribe to other's people bookmarks
  • Lamarck Jean
    Thanks Graham, again!!

    My suggestion is... I would like to subscribe to other people's bookmarks in my diigo inbox, not by RSS feed. I usually do it with Google reader but I'm trying to do it directly with diigo interface, not using an external service.
Lamarck Jean

Delete messages - 64 views

4.0 delete messages message leave conversation resolved thanks thank you
started by Lamarck Jean on 27 Jul 09 no follow-up yet
Lamarck Jean

"Just in bookmarks" and "recommended bookmarks" are not always visible - 24 views

suggestion just in menu orientation inconsistency
  • Lamarck Jean

    Top menu/Discover/Just in
    Top menu/Discover/Recommended bookmarks

    Here I can see the most recent added bookmarks or get recommendations. But to do this I should to come to the user forum, I can't explore this features from my own profile

    For example here the option "just in" and "recommended" are not visibles, Why?

    Conclusion: Just the people who come to this forum have the oportunity to discover this two features. I have been visiting this forum every day during a month, but I accidentaly discovered this features today.

    Users can't predict that "top menu" features will change depending of the subdomain.

  • Lamarck Jean
    > I suspect that the omissions that you have discovered are accidental, not by design.

    Do you also have this problem?

    Do you think that diigo staff will fix it early?
Lamarck Jean

Show "about" link in hot bookmarks list - 21 views

hot bookmarks about information suggest suggestion meta buzz hot link resolved
  • Lamarck Jean

    When I am browsing in "hot bookmarks list" there is not the "about" link to know who saves the URL, the tag cloud of this URL, related lists, the bookmark history, etc.

    Why? I think tha this feature is very usefull and I'd like a rapid acces to "about" information in all the bookmarks

    Here are the steps that I made to get aditional information of one "hot bookmark"

    2/I saw interesting URL --------- >
    3/ I was looking for the "about" of this bookmark in hot bookmarks page.
    4/Desilusion :-(
    5/Copy the URL
    7/Paste the URL
    8/Eureka :-)

    Suggestion 1: Add "about" button beside the bookmarks in "hot bookmarks" page

    Suggestion 2: Made the visible in diigo web page, I explored diigo interface and I didn't find a direct link to I fortunately discovered this page in this forum via Graham.

    Regards, Lamarck
  • Lamarck Jean
    Graham Perrin wrote:
    > A more direct route:
    > 1. visit the page in which you are interested
    > 2. Diigolet
    > 3. …More» menu
    > 4. About this page

    Thanks Graham but I don't use Digolet, I am using toolbar. I know that exist other ways to know the "about" information but I think that the most easy, fastest and intuitive way is add the "about" button beside every bookmark.

    I don't understand what is the reason why the "about" button just is visible in some diigo pages and not anothers. There have to be a logical reason.

    I think that is important improve this feature in all bookmarks, mine, yours, gruops, lists, hot bookmarks, just in, recommended..for some reasons
    - Optimize time and productivity,
    - Intuitive an easy way => newbie and unexpert users can find this option without thinking the way to do it
    - Is the most natural way because we are used to find "about" button beside our bookmarks

    Thanks Graham
Lamarck Jean

Alternate public and full mode - 22 views

private public modes suggest suggestion
  • Lamarck Jean
    I would like to can select different modes when I'm using my diigo account.

    Full mode: I could see all my public and private activity, that's the normal mode we have in this time.

    Silent or Public mode: Just seeing my public bookmarks and tags. It's usefull in my work or with family and friends when I show them something things saved in diigo. It allows to hide private bookmarks when other people are using or testing diigo in my laptop, for example.
  • Lamarck Jean
    Thanks Graham but I don't understand the concept of "levels of bookmarks"
Lamarck Jean

How full text search works? - 31 views

full-text search features
started by Lamarck Jean on 23 Jul 09 no follow-up yet
Lamarck Jean

How can I differentiate in "my bookmarks" the lists that I have saved from others - 11 views

list bookmark lists differentiate suggestion help resolved
  • Lamarck Jean

    I have saved the list "biology" from another user that has created it. But in my bookmarks there is not any signal or colour to differenciate my own bookmarks from the bookmark lists of others saved by me.

    Here You can see a bookmark named "biology", but it is actually a list created by other user.. Anyone who browse in my profile cannot differenciate if it is a bookmark list or a single bookmark.

    I also cannot differentiate it. My suggestion is that diigo staff could add some signal, colour or text, to differenciate single bookmarks and bookmarks list in the section "my bookmarks".
  • Lamarck Jean
    > text, to differenciate

    > You could add a tag to bookmarks of other people's lists.

    Yes, I thought to add the tag "people's lists" and it's what I finally did.

    Thanks again Graham and sorry for my questions, I just want to improve diigo to make it better.
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