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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Klaas Kay

Richard Allaway

Any news on the tag search build? - 45 views

tag search bug resolved duplicate
started by Richard Allaway on 28 Apr 09 no follow-up yet
  • Klaas Kay
    I've also been waiting for the comeback desperately now. Appreciated if we could be updated with the latest status.

    Thanks much.

Cristiano Siri

"Bookmark and Highlight" doesn't work on Firefox 3.0.4 - 136 views

Firefox toolbar bug Vista
started by Cristiano Siri on 14 Dec 08 no follow-up yet
  • Klaas Kay
    This bug happens after I upgraded my toolbar. I hope this will be fixed very soon as this feature is pretty useful for me.

reckoner reckoner

problem with expand/collapse - 32 views

started by reckoner reckoner on 24 Aug 08 no follow-up yet
  • Klaas Kay
    I also have had the similar issue. This happens after the main maintenance of Diigo.

    I usually clipped something from the Web either texts or images besides the URLs alone. So most of my collections contain something that's needed to expand, otherwise I wouldn't be able to access them.

    What I notice from my end is that this expand/collapse problem happens after you made a full-text search or sorting via tags. This problem didn't show up, however, when you open the first page of your personal bookmarks/collections (by clicking My Bookmarks).

    Appreciated if the Diigo team would take a look at this problem and find solution very quickly. It's getting annoyed every time I use the service now.

Elizabeth Crispino

Tags Not Working - 72 views

started by Elizabeth Crispino on 14 Oct 07 no follow-up yet
  • Klaas Kay
    Yes, I found out the same issue since yesterday. The tag search doesn't work properly; sometimes it gives you with irrelevant items if no search results at all.

    elizabethkoch wrote:
    > Is anyone else having problems with their tags? All of a sudden, when I try to search for a tag (any tag), it tells me I have no pages with that tag. My pages are all still available and all still have tags listed below them, they just aren't connecting up.
Tom Hamsher

drop down menu not popping up - 25 views

bug toolbar trouble
started by Tom Hamsher on 12 Oct 07 no follow-up yet
  • Klaas Kay
    Me too, having the same issue after installing the latest upgrade of the Diigo toolbar on Firefox 2. It worked fine previously.

    oneeye wrote:
    > After highlighting text, drop down menu is not appearing automatically. I have tried turning both on and off the option in options. Worked fine before Firefox and Diigo 1.0.2007100601.
Klaas Kay

My Clips Are Gone!!! - 42 views

bookmark bug clip disappear highlight
  • Klaas Kay
    Recently I've faced the frustration knowing that a number of my highlights or clips are gone (from Diigo database?)! I need to describe this situation I'm facing as follows:

    1. Quite a number of my clips, especially the old ones, simply disappear, leaving only the number(s) of the clips for each of my bookmark (the orange number that appears on the top right corner of each bookmark) and two features/commands/buttons that always appear at the bottom of each clip: 1. Add Sticky Note and 2. Remove. And that's all it shows to me; no content of the clips!

    2. Some clips only show texts but not its accompanying images. Please understand that this happens after some time when I revisit the clips (a few months later) because by the time I clipped, Diigo could capture both texts and images.

    3. In a rare case, Diigo would not completely capture the highlighted paragraphs.

    4. Previously, my bookmarks and hightlights I just clipped would only appear after a few hours. This is acceptable, though. I guess this also still happens from time to time.

    But the first item above really frustrates me and drives me to report this. I just want to know those disappearing clips could be restored and retrieved. I really want everything to get back to normal as I love Diigo. Please reply.

    The similar issue has been reported since last month:

    Thanks much.

    Sorry, the word 'clip' I used above meant for highlight texts and images; not video clip as one of the features Diigo provides.
  • Klaas Kay
    Thanks a lot for replying. Let me get back to you as soon as possible with the info you requested.

    I'm kinda caught up with something urgent.

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