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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Glenn Berkshier


RSS feed refresh of unread bookmarks - 44 views

  • Glenn Berkshier
    I installed Foxish live RSS for my Chrome browser to give me similar functionality to Firefox's live bookmarks. I want to have an "on-the-fly" folder of bookmarks I have added to my Diigo bookmarks that have been marked as "read later". Initially, the bookmarks showed up as I expected. However, I have added several new bookmarks since then, and they are not showing up. If I click on the RSS feed icon in my unread bookmark page, all I see are the old bookmarks that have already been found. The new ones are not in the RSS feed, so because of that, the feed is not populating my "on-the-fly" folder that is being updated by Foxish live RSS. How long does it take for the RSS feeds generated by Diigo to update?
  • Glenn Berkshier
    Disregard that last post. I forgot I had the bookmarks set to "private". I unchecked that on the new ones, and they showed up.

    Maybe on a sidenote request... Give us a way to click the Diigo button and have it pop up with a list of the "Read Later" bookmarks on our account so we don't have to go to the Diigo website. Once we click a bookmark to visit the website, it changes to "read" status in the Diigo account and removes itself from the "Read Later" bookmarks. I like how this works in the ReadItLater (or now Pocket) service, but I don't want to use a separate service just to keep a list of bookmarks to read later.

Power Note requests for bookmarks: more lists, tags, notes on bookmarks - 35 views

started by Carol Furchner on 17 Jan 12 no follow-up yet
  • Glenn Berkshier
    How about letting us see more then just the last 20 bookmarks? And combining all of the separate apps into one app that has the name "Diigo" on it? All of these separate apps gives Diigo an identity crisis.

Tags will not delete! - 90 views

  • Glenn Berkshier
    I had a few thousand bookmarks in Diigo up until a few months ago, and ended up deleting them from Diigo and moving them to Evernote. After I realized that Diigo was the place to be, I decided to clean up what I had, and move them back. Looking at my tags with NO bookmarks, there were still over 250 tags. If I have no bookmarks, I should have no tags, correct? If I try to manually delete a tag, it says it is deleted, but when I go back into my tag list, they are still in there. This is very confusing now because some tags are really empty, and the ones that do actually have bookmarks are not correct in their counts because of the lingering counts from previous bookmarks that don't exist. Is there a way to fix this? It's pretty frustrating!
  • Glenn Berkshier
    Another weird twist to this.... I have a tag called "family" that currently has one bookmark in it. The tag list said I had something like 8 bookmarks with this tag. I went to the only bookmark with the "family" tag, and removed it, saved the bookmark, re-added it and re-saved it, and now the tag count is correct.

    So I have a long-roundabout way to fix tag counts on tags with bookmarks assigned to them, but I don't seem to have a way to delete tags that have no actual bookmarks assigned to them. I tried to save a bookmark with an errant mis-counted tag, and then deleted the tag from the bookmark, but that didn't seem to fix the issue with tags that are miscounted with no actual bookmarks in them.
  • Glenn Berkshier
    It is indeed resolved. Thanks for your help!

Scraping content and adding it to a bookmark - 79 views

  • Glenn Berkshier
    I hope I didn't post this twice. I submitted this earlier but I don't see it on the forum.

    Is there or will there be a way to "scrape" content and save it to a bookmark - like what ClipMarks does? I really would like to be able to copy content to a note or something because sometimes pages that I bookmark go away, and the content is no longer there. If the page doesn't come up, then highlights are no good. Annotations are OK, but they don't let me copy any content, like a graphic or something.

    ClipMarks really nails this feature because you can clip an entire page, part of a page, or even multiple parts of a page and add them to a bookmark. I love this, but I can't stand their interface.
  • Glenn Berkshier
    So how long is a page cached?

    I still think if you would allow users to copy content like ClipMarks, you would have a killer feature. Combining something like that with all of your other features would put Diigo at the top of the heap.

    Wade Ren wrote:
    > when you highlight some text, that text is saved and clipped in a sense, though highlighted picture is not saved.
    > Also, note that we provide caching of the original page in case it goes away.

RSS feed of unread bookmarks - 205 views

started by Glenn Berkshier on 17 Apr 08 no follow-up yet
  • Glenn Berkshier
    Wow, how did I miss that? That will work for me. Thanks.

    Joel Liu wrote:
    > Hi Glenn,
    > It is a built-in feature. You can access your unread bookmark in FF. FF menu bar == > Diigo menu == >Unread bookmark.
    > Once you click one unread bookmark, it will be removed from the menu and marked as read automatically.
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