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Graham Perrin

Seeing what lists bookmarks are in... (still waiting) - 40 views

Cross reference (2010-01-11) See what lists bookmarks are in, while looking at a list

diigo organization tags lists list viewing view tag bookmarks search add delete suggestion

Graham Perrin

"Tag Rules" or "Tag groups" - 61 views

Re: organising tags hierarchically (groups, bundles, sub-tags etc.), topics (2007), (20...

diigo feature suggestions tags suggestion tag

Graham Perrin

First Impressions & some issues - 108 views

> difference between searching My Library and searching one of my Groups True. Diigo Groups were a relatively late addition to the Diigo feature set. Whilst Diigo 4.0 beta brought great improvem...

Help delicious groups tags curation search replace bug suggestion

Graham Perrin

See what lists bookmarks are in, while looking at a list - 79 views

> New users probably imagine a Diigo list being a good utility for organisation and management.

diigo bookmarks sort lists tags organize help list priority view suggestion

yc c

Groups: Select ALL Bookmarks+Sync Tags with my Library - 187 views

Good tip: Don't rush. That's one of my problems... (-_-' )

diigo suggestion groups batch edit tags sync wish

Lamarck Jean

Scroll bar in my tags - 15 views

If you have many tags: * instead of clicking My tags   — presenting the hundreds of tags in the narrow column, one line per tag * a little higher up, click View all   — presenting...

scroll diigo suggest problems help tags suggestion

Graham Perrin

Suggesstion feature: adding bookmark with tag - UX - 30 views

Ah OK, now I see the FAYT (find as you type) for the Tags field, I can't recall whether it was present in the previous version of Diigo online. Post to Diigo dialogue aside: do you use more o...

UX bookmarking tags UI GUI suggestion bookmark tag

Graham Perrin

Lists from Tags? - 70 views

Sean Neik wrote: > during the import Consider for example point (g) at - the user feedback there was based on experience with Furl. For import...

Import Diigo Delcious tags lists export option map suggestion

Graham Perrin

Dictionary of tags in "my lists" - 17 views

Already: bookmark dialogues are too full, too tall. A good place for this feature might be: * within the list * select bookmarks * opt to add tags for the list† to the selected bookmarks. † No...

lists tags dictionart suggestion

Graham Perrin

Adding tags to annotations. - 13 views

I was just wondering whether there is a way of adding tags to certain highlighted text. You can add sticky notes and you can bookmark a website and tag that, then once you find the website you can...

tags highlighting annotations suggestion


RSS feed for unread bookmars - 226 views

It happened nearly a year ago, but I think that computer was somebody else's property, so I couldn't add bookmarks and extensions there.

tags unread tag RSS feed token suggestion

k y

Comma or Space separated? - 22 views

Tags are space-separated like delicious -- but list keywords are comma separated? Can the conventions be unified?

lists tags help syntax inconsistency suggestion

started by k y on 20 Dec 08 no follow-up yet
Joel Liu

Keywords vs. Tags, do you have a way? - 83 views

Thanks. We will study these features and see how we can incorporate it.

keywords tags suggestion

Graham Perrin

RSS feed of unread bookmarks - 214 views

No separate feed in Diigo 4.0 beta. In the absence of RSS tailored to private unread bookmarks, I often apply the tag unread to bookmarks that are unread. RSS aside, compact view (...

tags unread tag RSS feed token suggestion

yc c

full text search on tags - 44 views

You mean full text search for bookmarks? That's the default search check this page:

search tags suggestion resolved

Lars Bauer

Multilingual tags - 27 views

I ve the same problem with an international community, at the group level... My sales group exist both in French, English Spanish and German. All ideas ar...

localization tags locale suggestion

Maggie Tsai

Tag Input - 18 views

I see - currently we're working on the next generation toolbar with very nice tags support. Our current estimated time is a few more weeks. Please stay tuned.

tags tag toolbar suggestion

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