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Graham Perrin

tags lost from group copy of bookmark - 9 views

See also Private highlight … shared to group and undefined - bugging the same bookmarked page.

review bug tag dataloss Diigolet 3.15b58 gpd4 956964 986916 999099

Graham Perrin

existing group tags for a bookmark are missing from 'Tags:' and 'Recommended tags:' in ... - 7 views

Consequential bug Cross reference Saving existing bookmark to group overwrites existing tags. tag share recommend bug gpd4

Vincent Tsao

group tag dictionary: limit? - 85 views

joel have explaination here, continue our discuss in that topic thread tag dictionary limit help gpd4

Graham Perrin… bug following addition of a tag - 8 views

Off-topic Entry of a first tag does not reproduce the issue; in standard mode the entry does not appear until after a reload of the page. Resolution Addition of a second tag, follow... bookmark tag edit bug resolved

Graham Perrin

group forum search for tag fails to present all matches - 6 views not similarly bugged. Maybe only multiple word tags are bitten by the bug. forum topic search tag bug gpd4

Graham Perrin

Adding tags to group bookmarks, topics, messages and conversations; and editing subject... - 33 views

> Consideration: new group support for tag queries that include the > NOT operator… More specifically: a search that's crafted by the member who added the bookmark may be broken (results not as e...

review group bookmark topic message subject tag reply suggestion gpd4

Robert T

tags and description repeatedly saved (Diigo reports success) but subsequently lost fro... - 45 views

Had similar problems when updating tags and renaming bookmarks. After getting the Success response to tag and bookmark title changes, bookmarks reverted to the old info. The updates were dropped... tag bug gpd4

Graham Perrin

Search Group Topics: results should include tags that match the search string - 66 views

> Search Group Topics: results should include tags that match the search string > the feature seems to be AWOL :) Reviewing this topic following the major upgrade from Diigo 3 beta to Diigo 4.0 ...

resolved tag search syntax suggestion

Graham Perrin

Groups > … > Bookmarks | select multiple bookmarks | edit (at least: apply a ... - 147 views

> Groups > select multiple bookmarks … apply tags Featured in Diigo 4.0 beta. Maybe featured in an earlier version. Either way, very useful! Tag: resolved

resolved 4.0 tag multiple bookmark edit suggestion

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