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Graham Perrin

"Tag Rules" or "Tag groups" - 61 views

Re: organising tags hierarchically (groups, bundles, sub-tags etc.), topics (2007), (20...

diigo feature suggestions tags suggestion tag

Joel Liu

Tag limit is too limiting. - 182 views

Hi Chris, You can download 3.1.5 version FF toolbar now. The tag limit number in this version is 20.

bookmark design feature flaw interface request tag

Forbidden Donuts

not button for related tags - 22 views

Good idea. I would definitely use it. a_drew wrote: > I would like to have a "-" button like the "+" button for related tags. The "+" works like an AND so the "-" would be a NOT. So if I have a t...

feature tag

Fuzbolero .

Exclusion of specific tags on users' main bookmarks listing (and main feed) - 27 views

joel wrote: > How about we provide an option "Set QuickD as private by default". When this option is checked, all QuickD bookmarks are private. Then these bookmarks will not be presented when othe...

bookmark exclusion feature quickd tag

Graham Perrin

Search and replace tag names - 165 views

> search for all items with a certain tag and replace the tag I sometimes want to replace only some instances of a tag (not all instances). This typically happens after I search my library then, ...

suggestion edit feature tag search find replace


How many characters are allowed in the tag list? - 41 views

Hi Maggie! You are absolutely right. I was redundant. It really unneccessarily increases the space. I will be attentive to this in the future! Thanks for drawing to my attention! maggie_diigo ...

feature tag


Blog this - 14 views

I frequently use "diigo" to collect highlights from webpages that I later add to my blog. I have noticed that all the highlights I collect from a single webpage accumulate under a single bookmark o...

blogthis feature highlight tag

started by flashjet on 13 May 07 no follow-up yet
Ako Z°om

"suggest tag" feature idea - 165 views

yes , it seems a very useful -time gaining suggest .

feature suggest tag


Editing tags - 43 views

Hi, First of all, many thanks for your really quick reaction & care for many of topics. As above: - the export tag-mappas was not only my problem as i'd seen in the forum list. It's ok, i under...

discussion edit feature tag performance

Maggie Tsai

Searching bookmarks tagged by other users, not by me. - 34 views

No rocket science here - Diigo will add advertising support, so that its basic service will always be free. We're considering a premium fee-based service where it's ad free but has lots more ...

feature search tag

Graham Perrin

Adding Suggested Tags - 56 views

Dataloss: caution Whilst Post to Diigo is good for gaining recommendations, it overwrites existing tags. Personally, I use the combination of Diigo Meta, Post to Diigo, Diigolet, my ...

feature tag suggestion suggestions suggest suggested recommended recommend recommendation recommendations Post to Diigo

Maggie Tsai

Toolbar bookmark list - 25 views

Hi Loyola & Soulgrind, These are interesting ideas - will discuss here. Thanks for your suggestion.

bookmark feature toolbar list tag cloud drop down menu submenu search live filter link transparent pop-up box button suggestion

Graham Perrin

Grouping of Tags - 178 views

Other topics that discuss organising tags hierarchically (groups, bundles, sub-tags etc.): (2007),

feature suggestion tag (metadata) tag group bundle

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