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Rob Webb

"has no public tags" can't see tag cloud - delicious import - 56 views

Thank you so much! That's fantastic news! I appreciate it

bug tag cloud delicious tags import public

ali zaidi

how can one select tags from a menu on diigo - 32 views

thanks a lot graham for your feedback . really appreciate it. i just logged in today just to see that mytags has imported all my tags and showing an expandable list also. i think initially when i ...

resolved tags selection tag menu Delicious import help

Graham Perrin

some delicious tags didn't import to diigo. can i import them as xml? - 54 views

My gut feeling: defer action on this topic until after the scheduled maintenance, upgrades etc..

delicious tag import XML bug

Graham Perrin

Tags imported from bookmarks in Delicious not listed under my tags - 69 views

Please see At the moment, there are known issues with tags. Currently uppermost in this group's ...

tags-related tag import Delicious help resolved duplicate

Graham Perrin

Unsuccessful Delicious import - 85 views

Many thanks for the positive feedback! I think we can treat this topic as resolved. Off-topic, looking ahead: you may find that your imported tags (but not tags created by you in Diigo) are 'st...

delicious import tags-related tag duplicate resolved thanks thank you

Graham Perrin

Way to list tags in digo sidebar? - 139 views

A number of topics bear the tag: help does include this topic. At a glance, the majority of topics tagged in this way do have at least one reply. ...

sidebar Firefox tag delicious find search help

Jeremy Luce

Filter labels keep disappearing - 50 views

Yep, they showed up a couple hours after my previous post. Thanks!

filters import Delicious tag cloud count resolved

Graham Perrin

CyberNirvana: Diigo: a cut above over - 4 views

  • it has a lot more features than my current favourite,

    - Longer description when bookmarking pages.
    - Saving bookmarks to Twitter (if you are into that!)
    - Web links can be automatically saved to and 3 other social sites.
    - Instant bookmarking of a web page (one click save)
    - The toolbar has an icon which shows whether the site has been bookmark previously.
    - Bookmarks can be tagged read/unread status
    - There are highlighting and collaborative features like sticky notes and site comments/
    - You can import from other social bookmarking tools (,, furl, etc)
    - Images can be clipped and saved.
    - Embedded videos can be captured and saved (supporting,,,, and many others)
    - You can send bookmarks to major blog platforms easily (one of my favourite features)
    - Cached feature: archive of the original bookmarked webpage can be accessed
    - Diigo's Site Communities aggregate users who bookmark & annotate the same website & build meaningful reader communities.
    -Dashboard: A quick glance of all the latest activities from you and your friends on Diigo. Check out public bookmarks and annotations your friends have added, see what groups they have joined or created, and other interesting activities they are doing at Diigo. also shows you all of your incoming messages, friend request, group invites and more.
  • manage group of tags
  • toolbar allows easy access to the bookmarks via bundles as shown below.

    • Graham Perrin
      In the screen shot at
      a menu drops down to show:

      * bundles of tags
      * Diigo bookmarks within each bundle.
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • by
  • May 2008
Graham Perrin

Wishlist: adding items to lists by clicking on tags. - 70 views

Maggie wrote: > tag-bundle In the screen shot at a menu drops down to show: * bundles of tags * Diigo bookmarks within each bundle. list tag wishlist Delicious tag (metadata) group bundle suggestion

Meya Bulle

Problems with export files - 36 views

I use 3 social bookmarking services and after sorting out my bookmarks on diigo, I tried to send them to my other bookmarking services (which are Ma.gnolia and But, two big problems ... export tag title Delicious

started by Meya Bulle on 26 Jun 07 no follow-up yet
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