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Vipas Suktavornprasit

Highlight (diigo V4 help) - 1 views

  • Another way to highlight with Diigo is to turn your mouse into a highlighter pen:  Click the Highlight button on toolbar (without selecting text first).  When the highlighter pen is enabled, that Highlight button will become a Highlighter to indicate its status change. You will visually see your mouse becoming a "highlighter pen"
    • Vipas Suktavornprasit
      (Not sure whether this is a design) To enable highlighter pen without having toolbar enabled: - Locate an existing highlight. - At its Diigo menu icon (call-out icon at beginning of the highlight), right-click (mostly this works especially when there is sticky note with highlight). - Choose "Bookmark and Highlight": let the dialog pop up and do not click [Save], just cancel it and now we'll get highlighter pen! To disable highlighter pen, repeat this procedure again.
    I'd like to be able to disable Diigo for certain urls , or url patterns like* I keep accidentally highlighting text in this web app:
Dean Mantz

Diigo Blog » Create a new Diigo List on the fly - 9 views

    Creating new list on the fly
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