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Graham Perrin

Awesome Screenshot: delete/remove/trash a shot - 43 views

> tasks more urgent Understood and agreed :) Thanks Graham

suggestion screenshot delete remove trash gpd4

Graham Perrin

Dates missing from advanced view of library - 27 views

Advanced mode is also known as management mode. We design this just for it is more convenient for users to operate and edit their bookmarks. Compared with two other modes, dates information does no...

suggestion bug regression library view bookmark date gpd4

Graham Perrin

Confusion: and captures and screenshots - 30 views

Thanks. It would be great to have the ability to upload to Diigo using Diigolet, or an extension to Safari. In the meantime, I use Wuala to share screen shots.

suggestion screenshot 2.2.2 Google Chrome Diigo domain gpd4

Graham Perrin

RSS feed from network areas - 13 views

Suggestion Offer feeds from URLs such as

network RSS feed suggestion noted gpd4

Graham Perrin

group meta view of a group bookmark should allow all members of the group to add tags - 19 views

I forgot that there's currently far too much, vertically, in the very shallow lower part of Diigo Meta. Specifically: the tabs are not visible, because group highlights appear in non-tabbed sp...

UI GUI meta group view add append tag bookmark suggestion layout tabs gpd4

Graham Perrin

an easier route from a library page (of many bookmarks) to a page that focuses on a sin... - 28 views

Even better: Snapshot - Context - Edit - Delete - Share▼ — preview is integral to the contextual (Diigo Meta) view — already, the snapshots page leads to the Diigo Meta page (a...

orientation UI GUI wording suggestion library meta bookmark menu share gpd4 973002 978264 981897

Graham Perrin

group: bookmarks: more: link - 48 views

Re-opening this topic for a minor improvement suggestion. It's impossible to learn the URL of the group bookmark if you are not a member of the group. Example: at

suggestion thanks orientation group bookmark view e-mail alert notification puzzle help 973002 978264 981897 gpd4 thank you

Graham Perrin

group: wording: titles of home page, invitation, e-mails, feed, linkroll etc. are misle... - 12 views

If the group is named Organisational restructuring working groups then the title of the home page is Group Organisational restructuring working groups's best content ...

wording group suggestion RSS feed page title linkroll gpd4

Graham Perrin

Feedback from a relatively new user of Diigo: orientation etc.. - 1 views

  • searching people by tags is useful for discovering like-minded people in the community
  • benefit from their bookmarks
  • much more useful if the results could be sorted
  • ...24 more annotations...
  • Without this
  • more cumbersome
  • also valid for the search function in Diigo
  • direct access to bookmarks tagged with the searched tags
  • much more useful for exploring new pages related to a topic
  • more detailed & better results more easily
  • I would not have come across this feature
  • filter by tags
  • My Library
  • clue that it can also be used to search for bookmarks with a tag anywhere
  • adding it under Community
  • title like "Look for" or "Discover"
  • watchlists used to provide
  • improving user experience
  • confession
  • I don't know the Diigo 4.0 beta route! (I stumbled across the syntax whilst reviewing old topics.)
  • first impressions of the three pairs below, A B and C
  • Pair A
  • Pair B
  • Pair C
  • /people/search/tag?type=tag&query=
  • /tag/
  • /community/site/
  • /community/reader/

Presentation of lists to the public should be cleaner and more focused - 92 views

Sure.that would be nice and noted. At this point, it should be part of the overall optimization of "my library". It has been added to our to-do list but scheduled with lower priority.

UI GUI suggestion list lists orientation presentation public v=p gpd4

Graham Perrin

meta: present page comments in collapsible/expandable sidebar whilst preview is awaited... - 8 views

Observations In Diigo Meta: whilst we wait for the preview to load, the white space is wasted. Criticism In Diito Meta: the small area below the preview is far too small for reasonable treatmen...

suggestion meta sidebar page comment preview load wait gpd4

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