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Graham Perrin

Cached Pages - Inconsistency - 111 views

> * Diigo search alone does not find the word. Reviewing this topic following the recent upgrade to Diigo 4.0 beta: works as expected. Ta...

resolved cache suggestion bug inconsistency

Graham Perrin

Search full text in cached pages - 27 views

With rare exceptions such as full text search seems to be working wonderfully so I'm tagging this (old) topic resolved.

resolved cache search

Graham Perrin

Cache - 73 views

> annotations really *should* go with the cached page Diigo meta views such as

resolved cache discussion suggestion

Graham Perrin

permalink to each bookmark - 59 views

= Solutions = == Diigo through the web (TTW) == 1. My Bookmarks 2. focus on the required bookmark 3. Share menu 4. Get Annotated Link… == Diigo for Firefox == 1. Diigo menu 2. This URL ...

feature suggestion resolved

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