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David Corking

Diigo Toolbar not compatible with Firefox nightly 3.2a1pre.en-US.mac - 42 views

@ Joel: thanks, resolved. I'll make no further attempt to test Diigo Toolbar with any version of Firefox 3.2 until after suggests compatibility.

Toolbar Firefox nightly Minefield resolved

Graham Perrin

Toolbar Failing to Display Items to Left of Highlight - 60 views

> Once or twice in the past I found (and posted) some other workaround, > tagged the topic thoughtfully, but at the moment I > can't relocate the topic :( ah well never mind Found that other to...

Toolbar bugs Firefox help custom drag drop resolved

Graham Perrin

Diigo Toolbar for Firefox: remove the lesser used of the two Diigo menus - 128 views

I wonder whether the menu is desirable for accessibility. If it's currently the case that accessibility *does* suggest a need for the men...

Toolbar Firefox menu deprecate suggestion resolved

Array Suh

Diigo Toolbar doesn't display on Firefox 3.0.4,Ubuntu 8.10 - 161 views

I use "Tab Control" Add-on,so this problem solved. It doesn't feel odd.

firefox toolbar diigo Ubuntu compatibility bug resolved

Graham Perrin

New Toolbar - 44 views is probably the one to watch. is less up-to-date. In one of the two Diigo menus of Diigo T...

Firefox toolbar change log resolved

no mirror

Diigo toolbar missing icons for sidebar and for Diigo and Bookmark buttons/menus - 112 views

I had the same problem and solved it in the following way: right click diigo tool bar Customize... Restore Default Set Good Luck

Toolbar Firefox bug resolved


Toolbar has disappeared - 169 views

As I understand it, Firefox 3.04 is a new one. I am running an older version. Did this problem start when you upgraded to 3.04? You said you tried to "re-install" the Diigo toolbar. If you just we...

toolbar help resolved

Maggie Tsai

Diigo toolbar not working - FF2, Hardy Heron - 73 views

Great. Vote for Diigo

Firefox Toolbar help resolved

Graham Perrin

OT: how to make Diigo toolbar the lowest (nearest to content) in Firefox 3? - 66 views

Call Me What You Want wrote: > Try this Firefox add-on … Thanks for the add-on and other suggestion! I'll continue this thread at

Firefox toolbar help resolved

Graham Perrin

Diigo toolbar button/menu inconsistencies - three different behaviours for a single UI ... - 106 views

I have paid little attention to UI of installed versions of Diigo but I'm sure that 4.x add-ons for Firefox are greatly improved :) Tag: resolved

resolved Firefox toolbar GUI inconsistency

Graham Perrin

Group Tag Dictionary failing: Recommended tags have never appeared - 137 views (credit: ) presents an interesting variation on this theme. If (following Nate's mock-up) (or fol...

Group Tag Dictionary toolbar TTW GUI inconsistency suggestion resolved

Graham Perrin

Save Elsewhere Not Working After Installing Toolbar 3.1.3 - 59 views

Subject: Save Elsewhere Not Working After Installing Toolbar 3.1.3 Keisa Williams wrote: > using the 3.1.3 toolbar That's very outdated. Please update. If you have problems with the most recen...

3.1.3 save-elswhere toolbar resolved

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