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Graham Perrin

Groups > … > Bookmarks | select multiple bookmarks | edit (at least: apply a ... - 147 views

> Groups > select multiple bookmarks … apply tags Featured in Diigo 4.0 beta. Maybe featured in an earlier version. Either way, very useful! Tag: resolved

resolved 4.0 tag multiple bookmark edit suggestion

Graham Perrin

Group Tag Dictionary failing: Recommended tags have never appeared - 138 views (credit: ) presents an interesting variation on this theme. If (following Nate's mock-up) (or fol...

Group Tag Dictionary toolbar TTW GUI inconsistency suggestion resolved

Graham Perrin

Can you sort lists alphabetically? - 123 views

> lists are sometimes shown in alphabetical order AFAICT the list of lists now always appears in alphabetical order. Tag: resolved

resolved list sort order alphabet suggestion noted

Graham Perrin

Easy way to edit sticky notes. - 109 views

An earlier topic: (2007-05-22) Editing existing notes An explanation from Diigo:

sticky note edit suggestion resolved duplicate

Graham Perrin

Nabble 2 embedded content incompatible with Diigo bookmarking - 118 views

As the subject of redirection and anchoring has cropped up in another context, I'm updating my earlier example. We have for example two different messages within a single thread: * http://n...

resolved wontfix suggestion gate Unicode 0023 number sign hash

Graham Perrin

new bookmarklet not working with the New York Times? - 121 views

Newbies welcome :) Two of the four thumbnail images in the topic lead to and to G...

bookmarklet bug Diigolet suggestion resolved

Graham Perrin

Add New Bookmark? - 308 views

Also useful, and easier to reach than the (low) 'Add a bookmark' field: * the Post to Diigo button.

add bookmark new suggestion help resolved

Joel Liu

Is there a way to add a bookmark to the existing list when bookmark is created? - 41 views

Hi lubosp, This feature is implemented in V3. You can use it soon.

suggestion resolved bookmark list

yc c

full text search on tags - 44 views

You mean full text search for bookmarks? That's the default search check this page:

search tags suggestion resolved

Graham Perrin

Feature wish: rate bookmarks and notes - 41 views

Click 'Like'. To like your own bookmark, view it in your network. Example:

wishlist suggestion rate rank like resolved spam (electronic)

Joel Liu

Keyboard shortcut for full bookmarking dialog? - 377 views

To all those who are in need of this but can't wait: You should be able to get Firefox to do this using the Keyconfig extension. I've used Keyconfig set up a shortcut to launch the diigolet. A...

shortcut help suggestion resolved

Graham Perrin

Cached Pages - Inconsistency - 111 views

> * Diigo search alone does not find the word. Reviewing this topic following the recent upgrade to Diigo 4.0 beta: works as expected. Ta...

resolved cache suggestion bug inconsistency

Graham Perrin

Cache - 73 views

> annotations really *should* go with the cached page Diigo meta views such as

resolved cache discussion suggestion

Graham Perrin

permalink to each bookmark - 59 views

= Solutions = == Diigo through the web (TTW) == 1. My Bookmarks 2. focus on the required bookmark 3. Share menu 4. Get Annotated Link… == Diigo for Firefox == 1. Diigo menu 2. This URL ...

feature suggestion resolved

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