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Graham Perrin

How can I differentiate in "my bookmarks" the lists that I have saved from others - 11 views

> text, to differenciate > You could add a tag to bookmarks of other people's lists. Yes, I thought to add the tag "people's lists" and it's what I finally did. Thanks again...

list bookmark lists differentiate suggestion help resolved

Graham Perrin

Edit URL of saved bookmark - 124 views

Hi Diigo bookmarks and annotations are URL-specific; there's an FAQ on the subject.

suggestion bookmarks edition resolved duplicate

Maggie Tsai

Is there a way to make an RSS feed of a list? - 40 views

Thanks Graham for your help . XHTMLteacher - hope this works well for you. Indeed, diigo is packed with lots of subtle yet powerful features throughout. Despite our effort to have as go...

list rss-feed RSS feed help resolved suggestion icon

Graham Perrin

Selection cannot be highlighted Error - 115 views

1. Version: 3.1b538 2. Using show/hide approach works. Even if it's not the most intuitive way, that's good enough for me. Thanks a lot!

Diigolet annotate hide highlight suggestion resolved

Graham Perrin

In the shared view of a list, indenting should be tidier - 4 views

Without looking at what I mocked up, is presented more tidily in Diigo 4.0 beta than in Diigo 3 beta. Tag: resolved Thanks!

resolved thanks list suggestion thank you

Graham Perrin

shared view of a list should have a margin at left - 7 views

Screen shots: (PDF)

resolved UI GUI suggestion list shared margin

Graham Perrin

shared view of a list is wider than it should be (no margin at left, huge margin at right) - 6 views

In Diigo 4.0 beta the balance is good. Thanks to Diigo team :) Tag: resolved

resolved list suggestion

Graham Perrin

Addng Group Icons to a Blog - 8 views

You can probably do that with

blog embed groups help suggestion resolved

Graham Perrin

Burial, and burial chamber (or autopsy or post-mortem) - 15 views

Burial in Diigo 4.0 beta For any bookmark that is dead: 1. find the bookmark in your library 2. click Snapshot 3. step to the meta view 4. Bury Cross reference De...

suggestion bury resolved spam (electronic)

Graham Perrin

Please make an icon for the Bookmarks button! - 31 views

> an icon for the Bookmarks button The opening post #1 is missing but as far as I know, the button does have an icon in current versions of Diigo. Tag: resolved

Button Icon vanished suggestion resolved

Graham Perrin

Caching receipts and similar protected pages? - 25 views

> save a copy of the page as I saw it at the time Now: installed versions of Diigo (but not Diigolet) include the Snapshot feature. > saving things like receipts when I'm shopping ...

resolved cache https SSL suggestion Transport Layer Security

Graham Perrin

A faster, more compact dialogue - 23 views

There is a group comment area in the bookmark window after you click "Share to a group". Description is a common feature in many bookmark services and I guess many users will feel inconvenient...

UI suggestion description group comment resolved 586073 958302

Graham Perrin

Search Group Topics: results should include tags that match the search string - 66 views

> Search Group Topics: results should include tags that match the search string > the feature seems to be AWOL :) Reviewing this topic following the major upgrade from Diigo 3 beta to Diigo 4.0 ...

resolved tag search syntax suggestion

Graham Perrin

non-tagged - 37 views

Whilst the tab (with the debatable wording) no longer appears in my library, it's still possible to use the special tag no_tag So for example finds bookmark...

resolved untagged nontagged tab tag suggestion

Graham Perrin

Read Later in Diigo Toolbar for Firefox: effect on existing bookmarks - 27 views

1. At a page that was previously bookmarked by you: click the Read Later button 2. The status of your existing bookmark is changed, to match your request. That is proper behaviour. No bug. Prior... read later bug resolved change log help suggestion

started by Graham Perrin on 20 Dec 08 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Diigo Toolbar for Firefox: remove the lesser used of the two Diigo menus - 128 views

I wonder whether the menu is desirable for accessibility. If it's currently the case that accessibility *does* suggest a need for the men...

Toolbar Firefox menu deprecate suggestion resolved

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