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yc c

Community bookmarks (buzz/hot): recognising a bookmark - 33 views

OK, this topic seems to have not gotten any attention from Diigo employees... At first I though that the 'Save' button could become 'Edit' like at delicious, but even adding a 'MY other bookmark...

orientation community bookmark buzz hot help save edit suggestion

Graham Perrin

group: bookmarks: more: link - 47 views

Re-opening this topic for a minor improvement suggestion. It's impossible to learn the URL of the group bookmark if you are not a member of the group. Example: at

suggestion thanks orientation group bookmark view e-mail alert notification puzzle help 973002 978264 981897 gpd4 thank you

Graham Perrin

Can't find my watchlists..! - 46 views

@ yuppi c Your is read only and at my I'm trying but failing to add you to the conversation (sorry) …

Diigo help watchlist missing network tag follow orientation filter suggestion

Graham Perrin

Common Bookmarks - 25 views

Partial solution: on the "my tags" page, you can sort your own tags by community usage; clicking on one will then take you to a page of users who employ the same tag. Of course, you still have to ...

common stuff suggestion help orientation

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