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sarah druet

Pb delicious import: cut notes - 8 views

I've just imported my 850 annotated delicious bookmarks into delicious. The import is completed, but when my notes were longer than 255 letters, thay are cut. However,it is possible to write longer...

delicious import note limit

started by sarah druet on 15 Oct 11 no follow-up yet

Please tell me what are the API request limits - 85 views

Thank you, Sandy. I presume that "s" is seconds, so you mean one item per second per API key. The app that I'm building is already built; it's a native bookmarks management application for Mac OS...

API limit throttle requests

Graham Perrin

Can't add Sticky Note anymore - 59 views

> Highlighting … most of the cases Please enable e-mail notification for (2010-03-23) Highlights not saving anymore! You m...

Sticky Note bug limit

Jane Lacorne

Is there a bookmark limit/storage limit? - 251 views

What happens if Diigo puts a limit? Diigo staff, could you tell us if you plan on adding a limit (storage/snapshot/etc) in the future? This way, people who haven't committed to Diigo yet can make...

Diigo limit help bookmark

Todd Suomela

Missing Typeahead or auto-complete tags on bookmark web page and also via Diigo toolbar - 39 views

I notice that "My Tags" box on the right side of the My Bookmark page has 3000 listed as the limit number of tags. The tags that are missing in both the toolbar and in the typeahead box end at the...

firefox tag-related tags bookmark auto-complete tag limit help

Vincent Tsao

group tag dictionary: limit? - 85 views

joel have explaination here, continue our discuss in that topic thread tag dictionary limit help gpd4

Marc Reck

RSS limitation - 57 views

I'm wondering the same thing about the 20 limit. Im a new user and would really like to have a full stream of all my links into google reader. Please can someone advise if this is possible?

RSS limit

Call Me What You Want

Was there always a cutoff limit to how much text you can put into sticky notes? - 32 views

I've been using Diigo's sticky note to copy paste entries that were linked to another webpage for quite some time now (I find it more convenient than highlighting the page and linking both in a sin...

sticky note annotation limit

started by Call Me What You Want on 20 Oct 08 no follow-up yet
Joel Liu

Expand no. of the character input in tagging & support Chinese text searching - 73 views

>in my bookmark collection, it not only excludes all my Chinese tags due to "Tag number", but also cut >half of one tag "safety" to "saf". It could because a break-down of the whole tagging system....

performance locale tag index import count limit resolved spam (electronic)


Webslides Limit? - 13 views

For some reason, no matter how many bookmarks are in a list that I turn into webslides, only the first 150 are shown (even though the count at the top of the little pop up table of contents reflect...

bookmarks limit list webslides

started by sovery on 08 Nov 07 no follow-up yet
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