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Ali Nabavi

Share a doc with a mailing list - Google Docs Help - 5 views

  • If you share with a mailing list that isn't a Google Group, group members will gain access to the doc by clicking the link in the invitation email. Access to the document won't be adjusted as group membership is adjusted.
    • Ali Nabavi
      This is unfortunate.
Anne Robertson

import bookmarks - 2 views

    The directions don't work and don't make sense how to click import/export, none of that stuff applies so how do I add them because the way it is this is no use to me if i have to manually enter each bookmark. I don't know what the URL is supposed to link to so i just put in anything since it wouldn't take my entry without a URL
    At the bookmarked URL there are no instructions re: import bookmarks Could you instead post a topic that mentions the correct URL? Thanks.
Vipas Suktavornprasit

Highlight (diigo V4 help) - 1 views

  • Another way to highlight with Diigo is to turn your mouse into a highlighter pen:  Click the Highlight button on toolbar (without selecting text first).  When the highlighter pen is enabled, that Highlight button will become a Highlighter to indicate its status change. You will visually see your mouse becoming a "highlighter pen"
    • Vipas Suktavornprasit
      (Not sure whether this is a design) To enable highlighter pen without having toolbar enabled: - Locate an existing highlight. - At its Diigo menu icon (call-out icon at beginning of the highlight), right-click (mostly this works especially when there is sticky note with highlight). - Choose "Bookmark and Highlight": let the dialog pop up and do not click [Save], just cancel it and now we'll get highlighter pen! To disable highlighter pen, repeat this procedure again.
    I'd like to be able to disable Diigo for certain urls , or url patterns like* I keep accidentally highlighting text in this web app:
Graham Perrin

Lists (Diigo V3 Help) - 30 views

  • Diigo V3
    • Graham Perrin
  • Lists
    • Graham Perrin
      Help for Diigo 4.0 beta does not include lists.
  • a great way to organize
    • Graham Perrin
      In my experience, a list is not the best way to organise things in Diigo. In Diigo 4.0 beta: the focus is on personal libraries, networks and groups. In each of these areas, tag-related features are improved.
    • Graham Perrin
      Further thought: a Diigo list can be good for things that are already organised, but I wouldn't use a list as a step towards organisation.
    In addition to tags, and better than folders, "List" is a great way to organize, share and display specific collections of bookmarks. Once you add bookmarks to your list, you can easily drag and drop items to arrange the order in any sequence that you'd like to present. Best of all, once you create a list, when you click the button, you can browse, play and annotate any list of URLs as a slide show! It's great for content browsing, sharing, and creating unique presentations based on web content
Dean Mantz

Diigo Blog » Create a new Diigo List on the fly - 9 views

    Creating new list on the fly
Graham Perrin

Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) - 2 views

    A compact view of items tagged FAQ.
Graham Perrin

Delete Diigo lists for Greasemonkey - 7 views

  • useful if you migrated from Furl
  • use this script
    • Graham Perrin
      "… uninstall the script before you start making more lists …"
    Thanks to Diigo user Tim McCormack for contributing this script!
Mah Saito

Diigo日本「非」公式ブログ: Diigo V3こぼれ話:Diigoの新ヘルプはWikiベース - 0 views

    This is my blog :P
mohammad bahawe

Social Annotation: Seamless Integration of Social Bookmarking, Web Highlighter, Sticky-... - 5 views

  • Diigo's Enhanced Linkrolls let you have your latest Diigo bookmarks displayed as part of your site.
    • Hans Wobbe
      This should also work in a flat html file, but not in a bliki that inhibits raw.html.* consider setting the dfx bliki to accept html.
      I found this interesting when I included it in Wx...
    • Daisy Zhao
      it's good
    • kathleen johnson
      Can you refine the CSS in terms of typography? The summary text ends up clashing with the link text. The summary text looks bigger.
    • mohammad bahawe
    • Kala Parva
      Are Linkrolls working correct today? It seems like those updated today are not showing up.
    Can somebody give some examples as sticky-notes, that contain links to places, where this  feature  is  used?
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