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Kala Parva

How do I use Diigo API? - 57 views

I am looking to use Diigo Api for posting bookmarks. Any sample code of how do I do the authentication thpugh html and post?

help API

started by Kala Parva on 30 Jan 11 no follow-up yet
Michael Norton

Send to Blog with blog: Invalid API - 445 views

Christy's suggestion solved the problem. Thanks to both of you for the assist.

diigo wordpress blog API help resolved

Sara Stephens

how to configure google reader's "send to" feature for diigo? - 1205 views

There's a service that does that. It's called Basically, you set up tasks, like "starred Greader items to diigo" and it does it automatically.

google_chrome Google Reader send API help resolved application programming interface

Graham Perrin

Question about API logins - 73 views

I messed up my own example, which uses a multiple word tag. Third time lucky:

api login httpauth greasemonkey firefox http-auth help application programming interface

Graham Perrin

Replicate "read it later" functionality from Firefox extension in Safari? - 130 views

> JavaScript that's offered at That paste has expired. Alternative paste: As before, it's experimental. Thin...

safari read later unread not read script JavaScript API help application programming interface

Graham Perrin

customized search function--export as a list? - 21 views

How about, create for yourself a Diigo list, keep your links in that list. A portable (online) collection of hyperlinks should be more useful than a plain text file. There's also the API http://...

customizedsearch export suggestion help api application programming interface

Chris Lott

API request with multiple tags - 28 views

I'm having a bit of a problem with the API. Retrieval of a single tag works fine: but multiple tags, which the doc...

json api help application programming interface

Graham Perrin

search all aspects of a group, with predictable/explicit syntax, from the group's home ... - 633 views

Group search in Diigo 4.0 beta is good enough me. Minor glitches are detailed in separate topics. Tag: resolved

resolved search home API suggestion help gpd4 application programming interface

Jack Park

export start row not behaving as expected - 35 views

More information with a more controlled test. Reduced rows to 10 at a time. When it hits thinks it is retrieving row 498, row 490 is retrieved (again), and so on for 8 more rows. Here is w...

api help application programming interface

Onno van der Straaten

Diigo groups API coming soon ..? - 71 views

Hi, I'm very interested in using the groups API but it still says "comming soon...". I'm creating a site to support a community, I want to use a Diigo group to allow this community to share bookm...

api diigo groups help application programming interface

started by Onno van der Straaten on 26 Sep 08 no follow-up yet
Pierre-Yves Gillier

API update? - 83 views

Hello all, any news about API update? As of now, it only support "plain" links.

api help application programming interface

started by Pierre-Yves Gillier on 21 Jul 08 no follow-up yet
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