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Webtwo Dozent

How do you un-expand annotations in My Library? - 88 views

I use Diigo-Lists in my (German) courses - students get there recommended resources (links / images / videos / presentations). If a list contains several presentations or videos (collected flash)...

regression suggestion diigo v5 help annotations annotation expand collapse

Claude Almansi

Annotation viewing in lists for non members? - 9 views

thanks, Graham: I've enabled notifications for the thread you mention. And meanwhile I've added a unescowhtext tag to - and only to - the items in my list: the resulting

help bug tag list annotation sticky note

yc c

Generate Report... sticky notes not listed - 86 views

When I select 'generate report' nothing happens... Using good old copy/paste is 100% sure to work but I quit like the provided print button.

bug help report sticky annotation comment note floating

Graham Perrin

How to remove public annotations - 52 views

> isn't working in IE8 (2010-04-01) Cannot delete sticky notes in IE8

firefox help resolved Mozilla Firefox annotation hide

Graham Perrin

Forum comments and annotations - 17 views

> Community library may be not up-to-date For that issue I have created a separate topic, Community library is inconsistent/outdated

diigo help highlight page comment annotation URL

Graham Perrin

Sicky Note from Unknown User on Google - 15 views

Hi Pete Please see the answer at recently reported No option to hide all public sticky notes.

Firefox sticky annotation filter hide help resolved duplicate

Anne McCormack

No option to hide all public sticky notes - 175 views

I there a way to hide or remove public sticky notes using the Diigolet with Safari (version 4.1.2)?

sticky notes annotation hide filter help resolved spam (electronic)

Graham Perrin

Best Ways To Track All Annotations on A Website - 37 views

I want to do some heavy duty tracking of all annotations going up on the various government websites (, etc.). I've added them all to my watch list but what are other wa...

annotation track help bug

Graham Perrin

highlight and annotate the text in google book preview? - 135 views

Please enable e-mail notification for Highlighting and annotating formats other than HTML. More specific to PDF, and to WebNotes' PDF viewer (which involves conversion from PDF), pdf file highli...

highlight annotation google googlebooks help suggestion

Graham Perrin

Other People's annotations are invisible - 69 views

Probably _not_ a bug. Reviewing this topic: 1. Highlights alone are most often: private. 2. Only when someone sticks - to a highlight - a note that is public does the combination of the two bec...

annotation publictags help

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