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problem with filtering by tag - 11 views

Can you please advise some tags as example?

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Tag search on Group - How?? - 15 views

Having tested just now,the "Search in this group" function is working when enter tag names and also searching in "title,*tags*,annotations or url". There may be some delay.

tags groups search

Hans De Keulenaer

Erroneous listing of bookmarks under group tags - 12 views

Sandy - I have now deleted the group tag 'solar' from all posts in the energy group. Yet, 17 bookmarks remain listed using the link None of ...

groups tags bug

khirnhup yeo

Changing group tags - 124 views

Tag limit? What tag limit? Please tell. Thanks.

groups tags change

KPI_Library Bookmarks

Group tags - 35 views

That odd behavior seems to have been resolved.

groups group tags tag bug resolved

Graham Perrin

First Impressions & some issues - 108 views

> difference between searching My Library and searching one of my Groups True. Diigo Groups were a relatively late addition to the Diigo feature set. Whilst Diigo 4.0 beta brought great improvem...

Help delicious groups tags curation search replace bug suggestion

yc c

Groups: Select ALL Bookmarks+Sync Tags with my Library - 187 views

Good tip: Don't rush. That's one of my problems... (-_-' )

diigo suggestion groups batch edit tags sync wish

Graham Perrin

Tag editing in groups - 19 views gives an example of … AND … NOT …  that applies in groups following the major upgrade to Diigo 4.0 beta. Dear Sue How do you find the ne...

tags groups

Mark -

RSS Feeds Not Accepted by Some Readers - 253 views

My feeds continue to fail Feed Validator especially when I have 2 tags selected T...

resolved rss tags feed groups bug

Wade Coleman

Group RSS feeds on specific tags - 31 views

You might like to change the ticket for that previously private group ;)

rss-feed groups tag tags bug help resolved

Junior Pacman

Group Bookmarking - Members see existing group bookmark? - 95 views

I knew to look for this from my own personal bookmarking, and I tried to reproduce this earlier in the day, but must have not seen it. I can reproduce it now. Thank you for the reply, that answer...

bookmarks group groups tagging tags

Jeff Rothe

Group Tagging using established structure - 81 views

Thank you, that is exactly what I was looking for...I really appreciate a well moderated form, thank you. I have a new question now, starting a new thread. Wanting to really push your groups ...

group groups tagging tags help resolved


Group Tags - 28 views

thank you! When will the new version be coming out? maggie_diigo wrote: > Several things that you can do: > > * you can click the group tag or do a search under group > * instead of a forma...

groups tags

Paul Streby

Tags in my group don't work - 41 views

More group tag problems - my newer tags aren't working again. This seems to be a problem on some other groups' tags, as well. The tags on my bookmarks from about 10/18/2007 and back work fine. N...

groups tags

Jose Luis Pajares

A way to apply an action to more than 20 bookmars at once - 34 views

Thanks. I thought that means remove it from my bookmark. It seems that someone from Diigo team remove them already.

filter groups tags web-page suggestion

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