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Graham Perrin

Diigo for Firefox sometimes copies to the wrong group - 5 views

Firefox aside: I see that bookmark dialogues also change size/shape in the extension for Google Chrome, and in Diigolet. I haven't tested enough to tell whether the change causes the wrong group bug.

bug priority Mozilla Firefox group bookmark gpd4

Graham Perrin

dataloss: major topic missing from this group - 10 views

A major topic is missing from this group. Please, does anyone know how or why it was deleted? Can it be restored? In the meantime I have ...

dataloss group topic priority gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 10 Aug 10 no follow-up yet
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Graham Perrin

moderation: content lost following approval - 49 views

Bug fixed now, and thanks a lot for helping us to define this bug.

bug resolved priority dataloss group moderate gpd4

Graham Perrin

Group annotation responses missing... or really delayed? - 55 views

> using the latest diigo toolbar ( I'm not very familiar with behaviours of locally installed versions of Diigo. > using MacOS X 10.5.x, the latest diigolet widget on F...

bug priority dataloss missing annotation comment disappearing responses group performance

Graham Perrin

immediate alerts expected but not received - 17 views

it only happens on "immediate alerts" ? i have received those immediate alerts from my groups from 15 Oct to now. how about now?

bug priority resolved worksforme group e-mail alert notification gpd4 spam (electronic)

Graham Perrin

some groups appear empty - 46 views

@ Joel/Diigo Looking at this more closely, I wonder whether Nelle and I encountered two bugs (or two sets of symptoms) during our chat. Focusing on the event timed at 14:53:31 (UK) in the...

bug fixed verified resolved thanks help priority puzzle group gpd4 thank you

Graham Perrin

Can't add to lists or to groups - 20 views

> 2. A priority issue, the menus of lists and groups are > missing from the bookmark dialogue of Diigolet 3.1b541. That symptom no longer presents. I have not reviewed the other symptom.

bug priority list group menu gpd4

Vincent Tsao

Privacy Bug: Forum topics from Invite-Only group visible to anyone in member profile - 29 views

hi paul, sorry for the delay response, we are woking on next version of Diigo. this privacy bug have fixed, topics from private group will not be displayed in profile now.

resolved group forum privacy priority

Maggie Tsai

Group RSS Feed displaying Nodes out of order / missing - 50 views

Thanks for everyone's input . We have high priority tasks at hand now. When we have more time, will review our 1-mile long of "to-do" list :)

rss feed group bugs loss order confusion inconsistency priority

Graham Perrin

Saving existing bookmark to group overwrites existing tags? - 92 views

Just wondering if there's a time frame for this fix. Descriptions and tags should not be overwritten. My vote is for appending tags, and appending a description to the existing group bookmark.

priority bug dataloss overwrite tag bookmark copy share group tag-related group bookmarks suggestion 956964 986916 999099

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