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Andreas Kuswara

tag overwritten? - 6 views

if i bookmark a page, tag it and share it with a group; then another person in the same group without knowing that i had bookmark the page, bookmark the same page, and tag it with another set of ta...

help group tag

started by Andreas Kuswara on 11 May 12 no follow-up yet
Jamie Rykse

Our group does not come up in "search for a group" - 52 views

It is also working for our group as well. Thank you.

help group search

Thomas Miller

still trouble changing group avatar - 11 views

my issue was resolved (quickly and efficiently). The developers are very responsive.

bug resolved diigo help group avatar

Graham Perrin

Moving resources from 'My Library' to one of 'My Groups'.... - 51 views

> Moving Not possible, sorry. You can copy (share) from your library to a group.

help resolved library group move copy share

Graham Perrin

Diigolet and Tag Dictionary - 59 views

Possibly coincidence, the very recently seen version 4.0b166 of Diigolet does offer tags from the group dictionary. Hurrah! and thanks to Diigo team. I don't know the difference between...

diigo tag dictionary group help suggestion education resolved

Graham Perrin

Group deleted automatically - 5 views

Your group is found, by searching > the group has been deleted Did you see a message that used the word "delete"? Is ...

suggestion diigo group help search

Graham Perrin

where is the help on the diido website - 15 views

> Can I edit tags in groups? If you are the owner or moderator of the group, you can: * create a tag dictionary for that group * edit any member's bookmark. If you are an ordinary member of a...

diigo tag editing help group edit resolved

Jeff Ratliff

How to change group settings? - 39 views

Thanks Vincent. I'm not sure why I didn't see that yesterday - should have had a cup of tea and come back.

help group resolved

Graham Perrin

Two or more volunteers, please - 15 views

Still awaiting one or more people to: 1. join 2. post a test topic (nothing of value) 3. post another test topic. Thanks.

help group moderate gpd4

yc c

How do I go directly to my own postings once I am in the Diigo Community group? - 11 views

In the group page, hover over your avatar to bring up a box with "View XXX content in this group", or you click on your name inside these comment boxes (like my name here above)

group help resolved

Jeanette Brooks

Group linkroll isn't updating - 20 views

Thank you Vincent! Appreciate your help!

group linkroll updating help

Graham Perrin

Search our topics - 13 views

> > might not find the topic immediately Today: the search succeeds.

suggestion diigo forum help group topic search

Graham Perrin

Group Dictionary Creation - 15 views

1. Group settings 2. Tag dictionary In the topic Broader access to group tag dictionaries it's noted that dictionary entries do not appear in all situations. Regards Graham

help group settings tag dictionary resolved

Graham Perrin

group: bookmarks: more: link - 47 views

Re-opening this topic for a minor improvement suggestion. It's impossible to learn the URL of the group bookmark if you are not a member of the group. Example: at

suggestion thanks orientation group bookmark view e-mail alert notification puzzle help 973002 978264 981897 gpd4 thank you

Graham Perrin

hyperlink in group description - 6 views

Surprise! Diigo 4.0 beta supports hyperlinks within group descriptions :) Example at

help group description hyperlink URL link HTML gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 03 Oct 09 no follow-up yet
yc c

How to moderate when it's possible that a person's first post is a simple mistake? - 55 views

I - at last - clean up some pilling requests I didn't want to ban. I approved them and then remove them. This means: 1 - approve + remember name 2 - remove membership 3 - search persons sub...

group moderate new member topic bookmark post help gpd4

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