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Graham Perrin

Where did full-text search of groups go? - 33 views

Reviewing this topic alongside Tren's wishes under and with a focus on group bookmarks

review 20091006 bug search groups full-text group bookmark cache robot crawl snapshot

Graham Perrin

Broader access to group tag dictionaries - 46 views

> 1. Make dictionary entries more broadly available. Group tag dictionary is a feature of recently released Diigolet 4.0b166. > 2. Avoid squashing too much into a single dialogue. I haven't ex...

UI GUI group tag dictionary suggestion review 20091005 gpd4

Graham Perrin

Workflow: working with personal and group copies of bookmarks for a URL - 9 views

    Comment 11 outlines my preferred workflow:
Graham Perrin

Tags not "sticking" - 89 views

We're (nicely) off-topic from the subject Tags not "sticking" but this is a very good discussion, touching upon some core issues. I'll spin off to a separate topic… Approaches to working with (or...

tags-related tag group share edit add help review 20090924

Graham Perrin

Show group shared tags in sidebar - 7 views

> show page-related tags that apply in groups of which you are a member. I wonder whether this will be a feature of Diigo Meta, when group meta views are given …

review sidebar tag group share suggestion meta Diigolet cloud gpd4

Graham Perrin

Adding tags to group bookmarks, topics, messages and conversations; and editing subject... - 33 views

> Consideration: new group support for tag queries that include the > NOT operator… More specifically: a search that's crafted by the member who added the bookmark may be broken (results not as e...

review group bookmark topic message subject tag reply suggestion gpd4

Graham Perrin

Diigo groups: forum: bug: search fails to find - 17 views

@ Diigo Sorry, this may be a duplicate of a previously reported bug,

review search bug group gpd4

Graham Perrin

"Save" button in your own bookmarks in a group - 81 views

> > > Elsewhere, some time ago in this forum, there's a topic that > > > acknowledges the need to extend/refine menus such as 'More > > > Actions…' in the Diigo Groups UI. > > I'm sorry tha...

review 20091201 save bookmark group

Graham Perrin

Diigo expressions 'Share to…' and 'Add to…' are debatably misleading; the act... - 128 views

> What you are suggesting is a "community" bookmark, which is a > completely different beast all together from the original posted problem. The original post

review share bookmark group list duplicate inconsistency help gpd4

Graham Perrin

group view of annotations excludes annotations that are public - 74 views

Progress Group meta views include public comments. Hindrance The route from your groups to Diigo Meta is given only after you sign out from Diigo. Considerations Care to not confuse the viewe...

review group TTW GUI annotations public suggestion gpd4

Maggie Tsai

Diigo Groups is Future of Social Bookmarking | Get A New Browser - 0 views

  • I’ve been loving Diigo since I ditched Delicious a few months ago. They are constantly adding awesome features and today I stumbled on the groups feature. Basically it allows you to create a group of like-minded users (it can be public or private) to share links, comments and it has a forum baked right in.
  • This is HUGE… It allows you to create micro communities and adds much greater value to “social” bookmarking. You can be a part of multiple groups - which are often topical in nature. There are all kinds of different options that allow you to discuss bookmarks in comment threads and in a forum. There are RSS feeds for each group - so you don’t even have to join one to get some benefit. And there’s a great “slideshow” feature that will allow you to quickly lopp through the bookmarked sites.
Graham Perrin

menu of groups does not indicate the existing share - 42 views

See also Diigolet 3.1b538 menu of lists does not show existing relationships

review bug inconsistency bookmark share group menu suggestion dataloss gpd4

Maggie Tsai

[Scribkin] Diigo Group Thumbs - 0 views

  • The feature they are testing out applies to their groups feature.  Now, if you are a member of a particular group in Diigo, you can give certain URLs a thumbs-up if you think it is especially helpful.  They are holding off on deploying this feature site-wide until they can make a determination how game-able the feature is.

    Diigo Group Thumbs

  • Groups are similar to a web forum, but centered more around site bookmarks that are collected to provide a resource for the group.  There are groups for all sorts of things, from social media to cooking.  Some groups are extremely active, and others are simple collection points for related URLs.
Graham Perrin

CyberNirvana: Diigo: a cut above over - 4 views

  • it has a lot more features than my current favourite,

    - Longer description when bookmarking pages.
    - Saving bookmarks to Twitter (if you are into that!)
    - Web links can be automatically saved to and 3 other social sites.
    - Instant bookmarking of a web page (one click save)
    - The toolbar has an icon which shows whether the site has been bookmark previously.
    - Bookmarks can be tagged read/unread status
    - There are highlighting and collaborative features like sticky notes and site comments/
    - You can import from other social bookmarking tools (,, furl, etc)
    - Images can be clipped and saved.
    - Embedded videos can be captured and saved (supporting,,,, and many others)
    - You can send bookmarks to major blog platforms easily (one of my favourite features)
    - Cached feature: archive of the original bookmarked webpage can be accessed
    - Diigo's Site Communities aggregate users who bookmark & annotate the same website & build meaningful reader communities.
    -Dashboard: A quick glance of all the latest activities from you and your friends on Diigo. Check out public bookmarks and annotations your friends have added, see what groups they have joined or created, and other interesting activities they are doing at Diigo. also shows you all of your incoming messages, friend request, group invites and more.
  • manage group of tags
  • toolbar allows easy access to the bookmarks via bundles as shown below.

    • Graham Perrin
      In the screen shot at
      a menu drops down to show:

      * bundles of tags
      * Diigo bookmarks within each bundle.
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • by
  • May 2008
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