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Graham Perrin

How to bookmark multiple links? - 331 views

Suggestions Brett Terpstra — developer of the TabLinks extension for Safari, which "copies the link information for every tab open in Safari, and outputs them as a list, based on a user-def...

duplicate JavaScript bookmarks bookmark post tab multiple help suggestion

Graham Perrin

Possible to right click on a tab to quick bookmark all open tabs? - 44 views

Please enable e-mail notification for (2009-03-16), How to bookmark multiple links?

duplicate tabs post bookmark multiple tab quickd help suggestion

Graham Perrin

Diigo expressions 'Share to…' and 'Add to…' are debatably misleading; the act... - 128 views

> What you are suggesting is a "community" bookmark, which is a > completely different beast all together from the original posted problem. The original post

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