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Would it be applied the drag&drop moving in MyBookmarks & My Groups too? - 22 views

Hi Maggie! My old theme the moving of bookmarks.... I'm actually very glad to see the movable bookmarks (rearranging their arbitrary order), but it is applied on in the MyLists view. I can und...

bookmarks discussion feature lists moving

started by iplnts on 11 Oct 07 no follow-up yet
Oliver S.

[Discussion] bookmarks access suggestion - 32 views

I too like this suggestion. I have seen something similar elsewhere. This two level menu could provide a lot of information in a structured way.

bookmark discussion feature

Maggie Tsai

Bookmark Filter - 23 views

soulgrind, There is currently a "unread" tab in "My bookmarks" - please check it out and let us know what you think

bookmarks discussion feature


How to close a solved post? - 35 views

HI! Maggie! My programmer mind went a little far, I understand your concepts. Even so if you have sufficient capacity for it your system may be really more refined and truly in profession of using...

discussion feature forum

Graham Perrin

improve the Diigo Group Forum with a ranking system - 63 views

= See also = > thumbs up rating

discussion feature forum vote suggestion

Graham Perrin

Threaded Annotation - 474 views

Maggie wrote, at comment #2: > … the whole purpose of in-situ "social annotation" > > Just "add comment" to follow on a sticky note conversation. Please > give that a try and let us know ...

discussion feature forum


Editing tags - 43 views

Hi, First of all, many thanks for your really quick reaction & care for many of topics. As above: - the export tag-mappas was not only my problem as i'd seen in the forum list. It's ok, i under...

discussion edit feature tag performance

Graham Perrin

sgst: sort by visited, integrated search results, etc.. - 58 views

Sorting bookmarks >>> 2 - Sort links by frequency of use. >>> This would be really handy.. so your most commonly used sites >>> were always at the top of the list. I've set up a "@daily" tag >>> ...

discussion feature suggestion

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