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privacy issues - 146 views

The bug has been fixed. Please check it again.

suggestion help Diigolet privacy

Graham Perrin

Placing bookmarks in multiple lists - 42 views

Cross-references and more, including a topic (not found at the moment) with a screen sh...

suggestion diigo Diigolet list 550954 956252 956297 958173 1043298 1755898

Graham Perrin

Highlights & Sticky Notes - 45 views

See below, foot of page, under the heading Diigo Tools: Diigolet For All Browsers Diigo Chrome Extension - those things are just two of a range of tools. You can use one, or both, but neither ...

bug suggestion Diigo Diigolet highlight sticky Google Chrome Chromium (web browser)

Graham Perrin

Set Diigolet to remain visible? - 16 views

Thanks. Command-1 seems to turn on diigolet, but doesn't prevent it closing when I move to a new page - is that expected behaviour? cheers

diigolet suggestion help

yc c

Fytch Review at ReadWriteWeb - Fytch Blog - 1 views

  • However, we like the way Fytch has implemented their service - a bookmarklet! Finally, a company that thinks the browser itself is the future, not another downloadable app.
    • yc c
      HEY!! Maybe they don't know about Diigolet. Just the othet day I was thinking Diigolet is one of the strongest points about Diigo...
    Beyond Diigo: there is a growing number services that provide scripted (e.g. Diigolet) or installed approaches to commenting upon web pages. I find/place most related discussion in Maggie's Web 2.0 group. In my experience, none of the alternatives to Diigo offer such a rich or high-performing service.
    I really think it should be highlighted on the homepage like Fytch - Installing an extension is a decisive influence in choosing a service. It's one of the most important reasons I use Diigo - I can't install the toolbar everywhere I go. Diigolet, a mention on the first page... I think is a A MUST!
Graham Perrin

Mash: bringing Common Tag format to Diigo: Faviki bookmarklet before all else - 76 views

More recently I use Services + Dictionary in Mac OS X to find Common Tags in Wikipedia - mash with the OS is more streamlined than mash with Faviki. Re Common Tag format and tag synonyms, see toda...

mash suggestion Common Tag Diigolet Faviki Google Zemanta gpd4

Graham Perrin

tags suggestion like on delicious - 43 views

I'm not interested in recommended tags, because they are useful only sometimes. However, today I tried it once again and saw that the ff addon suggests my tags! ...

tagging suggestion tag recommendation Firefox Diigolet

Graham Perrin

add tag from selection - 11 views

Considerations 1. Population of the Save bookmark dialogue, with tags applied immediately before presentation of the dialogue - without requiring a reload of the page and reload of Diigolet 2. L...

suggestion Diigolet 3.1b538 menu tag bookmark gpd4

Graham Perrin

Export cache | Diigo - 9 views

  • 1-click saving
  • Speed is a factor
  • keyword search
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • saved pages somehow categorized
  • accessible from anywhere
  • export the cached page along with the sticky notes, etc
  • I'd much prefer that sort of thing in the cloud
  • specify a dated cache/snapshot for presentation of annotations
    I'd like the ability to specify a dated cache/snapshot for presentation of annotations.
Graham Perrin

Selection cannot be highlighted Error - 115 views

1. Version: 3.1b538 2. Using show/hide approach works. Even if it's not the most intuitive way, that's good enough for me. Thanks a lot!

Diigolet annotate hide highlight suggestion resolved

Graham Perrin

Show group shared tags in sidebar - 7 views

> show page-related tags that apply in groups of which you are a member. I wonder whether this will be a feature of Diigo Meta, when group meta views are given …

review sidebar tag group share suggestion meta Diigolet cloud gpd4

Graham Perrin

Diigolet vs. Bitly Sidebar - 71 views

Post #2 is missing. Damn. Can anyone remember what it said, or who posted it?

Diigolet sidebar suggestion 4.2

Graham Perrin

Import RSS to bookmarks - 204 views

Can I ask you to create a separate topic for each subject? Thanks. It makes finding things in the group so much easier ;)

rss import bookmarks suggestion Diigolet Safari

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