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Diigolet has stopped working - 75 views

Thanks! Working well again now!

diigolet help Mac OS X


Diigolet doesn't work with Opera!!! - 51 views

Hi I tryed to use Diigolet with the latest Opera versions but it doesn't work anymore... It only works with the old Opera 10 release O_o When developers will fix this problem?

bug Diigolet Opera help

started by anonymous on 13 Oct 10 no follow-up yet

privacy issues - 146 views

The bug has been fixed. Please check it again.

suggestion help Diigolet privacy


Strange Behavior when Attempting to Highlight with Diigolet - 22 views

Thanks! I really busted my tail searching beforehand to avoid making a dup, but oh well.

bug help resolved duplicate highlight 4.0b14 Diigolet Safari

Graham Perrin

communication status in toolbar of Diigolet - 7 views

Stages whilst deleting annotations a) Loading… b) Succeeded c) Welcome {username} You'll see that behaviour: * whenever you delete a highlight.

Diigolet help resolved

Graham Perrin

Set Diigolet to remain visible? - 16 views

Thanks. Command-1 seems to turn on diigolet, but doesn't prevent it closing when I move to a new page - is that expected behaviour? cheers

diigolet suggestion help

Graham Perrin

Highlighting problem in Chrome 4 - 109 views

If the issue is what I think: it's not specific to Chrome, you'll find that some types of content can not be highlighted. Example: at try to draw a single highl...

chrome highlight bookmarklet help bug diigolet

Graham Perrin

Diigo fails to load on some web sites - 14 views

Interesting. Both meta URLs were fine earlier. Now encounters error 500 within a f...

bug help Diigolet workaround

Marthe Stein

Diigo and chrome - 82 views

Marthe Stein wrote: I think I understand. Thank you.

Diigolet help resolved

Graham Perrin

diigolet isn't working on safari on imac - 16 views

1. open Keychain Access utility 2. focus on the entry for toolbar3.diigo … Is the Diigo name there, in the keychain, rhenriksen ?

Diigolet help

Joel Liu

Suggestion to Diigo team regarding third-party cookies and using Diigolet with Firefox ... - 105 views

Noted. Our team discussed this and will address this shortly after we take care of top prioirty urgent tasks.

diigolet firefox 3 opera cookie help resolved

Graham Perrin

tool bar - 11 views

Certainly, you may disable or uninstall the Diigo extension. In its place, you may use Diigolet: - that is, a step below Diigo in the list of tools. If you ...

Diigo toolbar Diigolet tools help resolved

Graham Perrin

Firefox 3.0.7, Diigolet 3.1b508, diigoandlogincookie, and too... - 30 views

Spun off from Diigolet: Sign in and continuing effectiveness *without* third party cookies: > use to sign in > This approach to Diigolet 3.1b508 is appa...

Firefox 3.0.7 Diigolet 3.1b508 diigoandlogincookie help gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 26 Mar 09 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Diigolet: Sign in and continuing effectiveness *without* third party cookies - 81 views

In Safari, Diigolet works *without* third party cookies and *without* re-entering credentials; browser can be quit then re-opened and Diigolet works immediately. Key to this is: > Use https://se...

Diigolet toolbar more cookie sign in out help gpd4

Joel Liu

Add cookies and third party cookies to stated system requirements for Diigo, Diigolet, ... - 44 views

Earlier I wrote, wrongly: > … Diigolet 3.1b508 in Firefox 3.0.7 on Mac OS X 10.5.6 does _not_ require cookies … Correction: as wilde ny wrote, > Diigolet ... cookie Diigo Diigolet system requirements help gpd4

Susanne Nobles

Deleting Sticky Notes/Highlight - 68 views

This is really helpful -- thanks. And indeed -- I am desperate as a teacher for an online annotating tool, and the delay in timing with Diigolet (that you just helped me see) is going to be a hind...

sticky notes delete highlight help Diigolet resolved


Sharing a list with a group so that they can add bookmarks to the list - 674 views

Roger, Yes, the suggestion was a conceptual nesting with links, meaning upper groups linked to numerous sub-groups. There would be no formal mechanism to create a nesting structure with groups, alt...

lists groups sharing Diigolet suggestion educator help review

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