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Sean Berz

"I Don't Have Time to Learn About Technology, I'm Too Busy" - 19 views

    Recently one of my friends has explained why he doesn't use Diigo and other technology resources - his answer was absolutely the same like on this image!
Maggie Tsai

Student Learning with Diigo - 21 views

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Maggie Tsai

Read, Study & Highlight With Diigo and eHighlighter - 24 views

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Dave Yuhas

Which is a better tool for saving and sharing content, Evernote or Diigo? - Quora - 44 views

    This thread provides some great answers to the wrong question. I never would have seen Evernote as an alternative to diigo. Diigo excels at organising the online world, making bookmarks in seconds, annotating them, and allowing to organise them in a wide variety of ways. Evernote is great to make good clippings (better than diigo cached pages) and integrating the desktop.
Maggie Tsai

MyWeb4Ed: Diigo- A regular educators look at why Diigo is a teacher's friend - 8 views

  • I sat today using Diigo to bookmark, annotate, highlight, capture pages and pictures, and do just about anything I needed to do effortlessly.  Ya'll, this is straight from this educator's heart:  Diigo is amazing!
    Now look, my thinking about tech tools is that they have to serve everyone:  teachers --administrators, students, parents -- basically all stakeholders to be truly of value.  I'm into the reality of teaching which means if it is not going to improve the outcome for students academically by supporting their learning, most teachers just don't have the time to deal with it.  But, I'd like to think I'm a realist and if there's a tool that makes a teacher's life easier, then preparing for lessons, classes, professional developments and, yes, our other life is easier, and that translates to a happier educator who has more time to work on supporting those students learning
  •  Diigo has to be the single most valuable tool that I have on my computer.
    I agree that Diigo is one of the best IT tools I have ever encountered. Wish I had something like this when I started teaching 40 or so years ago!

    Thanks, Diigo!
yc c

tinyURL bookmark BUG - 429496 users?? - 4 views

    There's a bug here 429496 users??
    see screenshot
    We have noticed this bug and it will be fixed.
Mah Saito

Diigo « シゴトに美味しいスパイスを - 1 views

shared by Mah Saito on 27 Feb 11 - No Cached
    "Quick Note+Diigoでブラウザから簡単メモ"
Maggie Tsai

Diigo Power Note - Android Market - 16 views

    Diigo app on Android Market on the web!
Maggie Tsai

Diigo for iPad on the iTunes App Store - 4 views

    Just released! Check it out
Fuzbolero .

Article: Norwegian journalist changed from Delicious to Diigo ( - 6 views

  • Har du blitt fan av å ha bokmerkene på nett, tipser vi deg også om noen alternative tjenester til Delicious. Det finnes en haug av dem, men her er et lite utvalg:
  • Diigo - Etter nyheten om Delicious har jeg selv gått over til Diigo, som byr på så og si det samme som Delicious, men med en god del ekstrafunksjonalitet. Blant annet finnes det apps både til iPhone, iPad og Android, det er mulig å lagre tekstutklipp, merke tekst på nettsider, lagre snapshots (ikke tilgjengelig på gratisversjon), "les senere"-funksjonalitet og mer til. Tjenesten støtter også direkte import av Delicious-bokmerkene dine ved at du laster opp fila du hentet ut fra Delicious' eksport-funksjon.

    Under ser du en video som demonstrerer hvordan Diigo fungerer:
    (2010-12-21: The journalist changed to Diigo after the leaked news about Yahoo's priorities, and Diigo is the first alternative listed in his article. Good for Diigo :-) )
    (2010-12-21: The journalist changed to Diigo after the leaked news about Yahoo's priorities, and Diigo is the first alternative listed in his article. Good for Diigo :-) )
Andrew Wetzel

Diigo and the rise and fall of Delicious | - 30 views

  • you can add a note to a webpage that you're bookmarking and then send a special URL with the site and note.
    • Andrew Wetzel
      Some shrewd marketing there...
    you can add a note to a webpage that you're bookmarking and then send a special URL with the site and note.
Scott Beamer - 10 views

  • Diigo has been an often requested addition. We have some concerns, however. First Diigo's API requires sending your username and password in the clear on each request. In practice, that may not be a problem, but we prefer to send aaccount credetials over encrypted channnels. That doesn't seem to be possbile with Diigo, currently.

    • Scott Beamer
      I hope Diigo fixes this soon....
    Capture your Tweets with URLs in them and save said URLS to your Diigo bookmarks!
Maggie Tsai

Alan November Comes to Town « Ed Tech Ideas ~ Diigo Social Bookmarking - 9 views

  • Diigo is a fantastic tool. One I’ve used for quite some time now to keep my bookmarks organized and available no matter where I am.  During the workshop, Alan said something to the effect of, In the library, Dewey did all the tagging. Today, we have to teach kids how to do this.”
  • Ed Tech Ideas: I teach 3 different grade levels, and my different classes are always researching for one project or another. Students are always finding great sites, but at best, they bookmark it to their local computer, never to be seen by others. Now with our Diigo groups (I created one for each grade level), kids learn how to tag, organize, and share their finds with everyone else in the group. Everyone benefits from group knowledge, and the students learn an important skill that will stay with them and grow throughout their academic lives.
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