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Kellye Crane

How to share bookmarks, etc. and view tags in a private group? - 32 views

It looks like Diigo has some nice tools for educators, and it advertises similar functions for companies, but I can't find any info on how to implement. If I create a private group, and share bookm...

diigo help groups

started by Kellye Crane on 29 Dec 11 no follow-up yet

Diigo toolbar did not install - 51 views

Can you please contact us at and we will send you an file for installation?

Diigo toolbar IE8 Vista help

Shibela .

Searching Community Library: Inclusive or Independent Results from My Library? - 29 views

@sandy_diigo, Just a little more clarification.... Can I assume "high quality" bookmarks are the ones where more than 1 person / entity has saved that bookmark or is there a rating system for book...

diigo search inconsistency help

Shibela .

Acceptable / Allowed Characters in Tags - 12 views

Is there perhaps a list of characters that are acceptable / allowed for use in tags on Diigo's site? Or rather, that aren't allowed or acceptable for use in tags? If so, where? Thanks!

tags diigo help

started by Shibela . on 07 Jan 11 no follow-up yet

Delicious Tags? - 52 views

Thanks for the tip Stewy! I've already started to organize my tags but now I'm going to wait till Delicious tags appear in "My tags" field.

diigo delicious help

Kevin Spencer

Enhanced Linkrolls - 100 views

Does this still work? Where do you put it in the code? Thanks!

Enhanced Linkrolls link roll rolls bug diigo help html css format formatting

Stewy Graham

Import from delicious html file--normal time it takes? - 128 views

Thanks for the great work, I already prefer Diigo than delicious, the only thing that I miss are the tag bundles

delicious help diigo

Piotr Olszak

Privacy, chrome extension - 32 views

Hi, I'm new to diigo and I have question about privacy. In Privacy Policy I found: "When the "view mode" for annotation is disabled, or when you are not logged in the Diigo service, the ...

diigo help privacy chrome extension

started by Piotr Olszak on 01 Nov 10 no follow-up yet
Maggie Tsai

New Uservoice Channels available - 74 views

Thanks for everyone's feedback. Your comments are noted. Indeed Uservoice and Diigo group forums are designed with a different purpose in mind. As we all use more, some useful enhancements wi...

diigo suggestion help FAQ


Filtering Options Removed in v5 (filter both private and unread at once) - 10 views

We rolled out a new version 3 hours ago. We have some improvements to enhance user experience. Now you can filter out bookmarks that are not only " private" but also" read later" as instructed belo...

Diigo filter search help

John North

send links to my diigo account by email? - 702 views

I emailed Diigo about this in July and had a response from Joel Liu who said that they'll be adding it to the feature list (not sure whether this means that it's being implemented soon?). For the r...

email assigned diigo help suggestion

sandy ingram

Diigo Twitter Statictis? - 3 views

I like that Diigo provides short urls to my twitter feeds, but it would be awesome if I could check the click stats. Am I missing something or is this on the wish list of future development tools?

diigo suggestion help stats

started by sandy ingram on 02 Aug 10 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Snapshots not working - 20 views

> See For me, too, presents no content for the 2010-06-23 robot cached copy.

Diigo Snapshot Help

Graham Perrin

Per List default tags - 18 views

> tags to bookmarked links, according to the list You can add tags to all bookmarks in a list, but it does not happen automatically. (You can also add tags to a list, but when you sea...

diigo suggestion help list tag

Graham Perrin

sort bookmarks by date added? - 100 views

This feature of Diigo 3.x was lost when services were upgrade to 4.0 beta. In Diigo 5.0 we're still without the ability to sort by date added. This loss of functionality is one of the very few thin...

resolved duplicate suggestion diigo sorting sort help

My Monaro

Turn off image capture - 124 views

I am using the same version of Firefox and Diigo as Mel Roth, but I am unable to see Options | Miscellaneous | Detect Media I would like to turn this feature off.

image capture diigo help detect media save resolved

Thomas Miller

still trouble changing group avatar - 11 views

my issue was resolved (quickly and efficiently). The developers are very responsive.

bug resolved diigo help group avatar

Graham Perrin

Follow Me! - 4 views

( relates)

follow_me diigo bug help resolved duplicate

laura marquez

can't sign in using firefox 3.6.6 - 13 views

i just tried the diigolet, it works. I can sign in this way. Still, i would like to know why i can't login in the web.

help diigo sign-in

Webtwo Dozent

How do you un-expand annotations in My Library? - 88 views

I use Diigo-Lists in my (German) courses - students get there recommended resources (links / images / videos / presentations). If a list contains several presentations or videos (collected flash)...

regression suggestion diigo v5 help annotations annotation expand collapse

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