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Delilah Draken

Problem with delicious import - 77 views

@sandy_diigo The problem seems to have resolved itself. When I last looked at my tags on Sunday it was still the very strange high number.

help delicious import


Delicious Tags? - 52 views

Thanks for the tip Stewy! I've already started to organize my tags but now I'm going to wait till Delicious tags appear in "My tags" field.

diigo delicious help

Stewy Graham

Import from delicious html file--normal time it takes? - 128 views

Thanks for the great work, I already prefer Diigo than delicious, the only thing that I miss are the tag bundles

delicious help diigo

Jason Schmidt

syncing w/ Delicious - 365 views

ohhh - toolbar, button, the word slipped by me. So the syncing works with the Toolbar. Which is not available for Chrome. :-p That doesn't make me happy. I'm not ready to give up delicious entirely.

delicious sync bookmark help bug Google Chrome Google Chrome Extensions

Graham Perrin

synching links with delicious account - 43 views

My latest diigo bookmarked sites aren't showing up in my delicious account, although the synch was working fine the day before yesterday. Help!

delicious synching export help

Graham Perrin

First Impressions & some issues - 108 views

> difference between searching My Library and searching one of my Groups True. Diigo Groups were a relatively late addition to the Diigo feature set. Whilst Diigo 4.0 beta brought great improvem...

Help delicious groups tags curation search replace bug suggestion

ali zaidi

how can one select tags from a menu on diigo - 32 views

thanks a lot graham for your feedback . really appreciate it. i just logged in today just to see that mytags has imported all my tags and showing an expandable list also. i think initially when i ...

resolved tags selection tag menu Delicious import help

Graham Perrin

Something similar to this feature? - 21 views

Try the Watchlist feature. It appears when you view a person's collection of bookmarks.

delicious inbox friends help send message resolved

Graham Perrin

Delicious toolbar is better than diigo toolbar - 163 views

Subject: trees and hierarchies Lamarck Jean wrote: > … tree estructured tag list. I have thousands of bookmarks and > hundreds of tags. It is literaly impossible to find concrete...

tags help suggstion delicious diigo toolbar

Graham Perrin

How to show tag list in diigo toolbar - 83 views

Subject: Diigo for Firefox: sidebar interface to tags Lamarck Jean wrote: > Sorry my english is too bad. Your english is fine :) Another discussion relating to the sidebar of Delicious: Search...

diigo_toolbar tag_list tags Delicious sidebar FAYT help

Graham Perrin

Tags imported from bookmarks in Delicious not listed under my tags - 69 views

Please see At the moment, there are known issues with tags. Currently uppermost in this group's ...

tags-related tag import Delicious help resolved duplicate

Graham Perrin

Way to list tags in digo sidebar? - 139 views

A number of topics bear the tag: help does include this topic. At a glance, the majority of topics tagged in this way do have at least one reply. ...

sidebar Firefox tag delicious find search help

Graham Perrin

Delicious transfers - any extra links? - 63 views

Sue, re you might like to contact Philipp; he, too, uses Delicious and has (or had) issues with bookmarks.

delicious help

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