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Graham Perrin

deleted content reappears in search results - 11 views

Verified, thanks. Tag: resolved There's a comparable issue, relating to avatars, that I'll report in a private message.

resolved bug inconsistency delete search

Vincent Tsao

inbox messages - 6 views

this topic might help you:

help message delete Inbox

Vincent Tsao

Delete messages - 64 views

> and I can recall that message only by bookmarking it; good idea, but it only works when current conversation is public. or you are not allowed to access this conversation regardless whether you ...

4.0 delete messages message leave conversation resolved thanks thank you

Graham Perrin

deleting bookmarks - 62 views

I bookmarked this topic, then deleted the bookmark, no problem. Please, can you provide greater detail? How are you trying to delete? (There are various ways.) A URL will be most useful. Thanks

bookmark delete bug

Graham Perrin

Delete Diigo lists for Greasemonkey - 7 views

  • useful if you migrated from Furl
  • use this script
    • Graham Perrin
      "… uninstall the script before you start making more lists …"
    Thanks to Diigo user Tim McCormack for contributing this script!
Graham Perrin

request: one-click remove a bookmark - 418 views

With the API it might be possible for someone to script something for deletion of a bookmark corresponding to the current URL. It might be better to tag the bookma...

remove delete bookmarks bookmark suggestion

Ryan Wu

How can I delete my all lists? - 32 views

Tim McCormack wrote: > I just finished writing a Greasemonkey script to do this: I really appreciate your help, this script so cool.

list delete help FAQ resolved

Julien Hamelin

How to delete a topic - 57 views

Ok thank you for your quick answer.

topic forum delete remove

Graham Perrin

Cannot delete sticky notes - 38 views

I see a few annotations from you at My Diigolet 3.1b538 view of http://www.web2summit.c...

bug sticky note delete help

Graham Perrin

delete/edit Tags does not work - 86 views

Please see recent

delete edit Tags bug resolved duplicate

Graham Perrin

remove first profile without losing valid one? - 26 views

Whilst logged in as the user of the account that you wish to delete: 1. 2. Delete Account

profile account remove delete help settings resolved

Graham Perrin

deleting tags - 51 views

Please see recent

tag delete bug resolved duplicate

Susanne Nobles

Deleting Sticky Notes/Highlight - 68 views

This is really helpful -- thanks. And indeed -- I am desperate as a teacher for an online annotating tool, and the delay in timing with Diigolet (that you just helped me see) is going to be a hind...

sticky notes delete highlight help Diigolet resolved

John V

"Moving" Diigo Bookmarks? - 53 views

Hmmm... Not a bad idea. Thanks for the reply. I may resort to this until a better solution is discovered. Anyone else have any ideas?

bookmark management organization delete

Graham Perrin

Unable To Delete Existing Sticky Notes - 124 views

To delete In-Situ sticky note 1) Mouse over to the In-Situ sticky note 2) Click the "X" beside private/public status indicator. We will provide edit option later.

sticky note delete help close window resolved spam (electronic)

Joel Liu

How to delete multiple comments at one-time? - 49 views

Sorry, there is no way to do it currently. However, if all comments are private, you can delete the bookmark and re do it. Then all private comments in one bookmark can be removed.

comment delete multiple

Mah Saito

How to delete a list - 134 views

Hi! Yiweiguo, You can delete list. 1.Select a list. 2.Click "Delete" upside of My Lists. 3.Answer confirmation question. Mah

delete list

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