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Graham Perrin Error: Invalid file hash (possible download corruption) -261 - 16 views

Comparison Flock 2.5.2, Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10.6; en-US; rv: Gecko/2009081017 Firefox/3.0.13 Upgrade from to succeeded. Firefox history cache download hash error resolved

Graham Perrin

Cached pages - 12 views

Amongst the topics tagged cache there are occasional explanations of priorities. AFAICT priority is always given to services that are critical for: * creation of bookmarks * edition of bookmark...

caching cache help resolved

Graham Perrin

Furl users are never getting their caches, are they? - 28 views

A new version of Diigo is expected this month. We'll probably see an announcement in the blog when more details are known.

Furl cache import help resolved

Graham Perrin

Cached copy statement missing from Diigo cache of Furl's announcement re: Diigo - 20 views now presents within the snapshots interface and is described as 'Grabbed by Diigo robot'. Tag: resolved

resolved cache snapshot robot Furl banner bug

Graham Perrin

Full text search of bookmarks not working? - 35 views and other topics discuss the downtime; you might like to enable notification via e-mail for relevant topics, to learn when service resumes. Whils...

cache index search bug service down resolved duplicate

Graham Perrin

Six weeks service downtime affecting caches, indexing and search - 19 views

As evidence of Diigo cache-related services working reasonably well for at least some users: cache of something that was bookmarked for the first time around nine hours ago.

resolved service cache index search fail bug

Graham Perrin

Caching receipts and similar protected pages? - 25 views

> save a copy of the page as I saw it at the time Now: installed versions of Diigo (but not Diigolet) include the Snapshot feature. > saving things like receipts when I'm shopping ...

resolved cache https SSL suggestion Transport Layer Security

Joel Liu

Cached Pages - 57 views

Hi Robert, > If a bookmark is created, and the page changes, what happens to the residual bookmark along with > any (if any) annotations? ==== >The residual bookmark and...

help cache resolved

Graham Perrin

summary of recent issues/symptoms relating to caches, indexing and searches - 61 views

Joel Liu wrote: > We will have more computation power soon. That's smart, thanks to Joel/Diigo :) My aim in this topic was to whittle some symptoms, mainly for nearby

resolved cache load performance search bookmark bug

Graham Perrin

Is it possible to save a cache? - 60 views

In addition: the most recent installed versions of Diigo include the Snapshot feature :-) Tag: resolved

resolved bookmark cache local save

Joel Liu

Pages not being cached?! - 37 views

Sorry, the cache page works fine on the new V3, but it doesn't work on V2. A minor bug, your data is safe. I will make sure this bug solved soon.

bug cache resolved

fullness Time

Malfunction in caching? - 45 views

I would like to try v3 in that case. But before you do it - do I lose any data? Is there an option to change to v3 somewhere, and some more information? Thanks, Fullness joel wrote: > Hi fullness...

cache resolved

Oliver S.

Web Page Persistence - 53 views

Hi davido, yes, it's true that sometimes Diigo doesn't cache pages properly. I noticed that too but it happens rarely. By clicking the tag "cache" in the Diigo forum, you can find a couple of thre...

resolved cache persistence web-page

Graham Perrin

Cached Pages - Inconsistency - 111 views

> * Diigo search alone does not find the word. Reviewing this topic following the recent upgrade to Diigo 4.0 beta: works as expected. Ta...

resolved cache suggestion bug inconsistency

Graham Perrin

Search full text in cached pages - 27 views

With rare exceptions such as full text search seems to be working wonderfully so I'm tagging this (old) topic resolved.

resolved cache search

Graham Perrin

Cache - 73 views

> annotations really *should* go with the cached page Diigo meta views such as

resolved cache discussion suggestion

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