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Graham Perrin

Bug | FF Toolbar | Reset toolbar data - 18 views

> reset toolbar data Is that a Firefox command, or a Diigo command?

toolbar bugs bug reset toolbar reset

Graham Perrin

"Hide Annotations" Bug In Toolbar - 29 views

I FIGURED IT OUT!! This is a big bug!!! Please respond when you get to this!! Here's the problem. If you have "Hide all annotations" selected, then it shuts off the toolbars ability to recogniz...

bug toolbar bugs annotations help bookmarking

Graham Perrin

Toolbar Failing to Display Items to Left of Highlight - 60 views

> Once or twice in the past I found (and posted) some other workaround, > tagged the topic thoughtfully, but at the moment I > can't relocate the topic :( ah well never mind Found that other to...

Toolbar bugs Firefox help custom drag drop resolved

Graham Perrin

Bug in Collecting Flash | FF3 Toolbar - 103 views

Wierd glitches today. Has happened multiple times 1. Bookmark & collect flash on a site. (site being youtube and vimeo) Little message and checkmark (Collected!) shows up. 2. Go to My bookmarks 3....

bug bugs firefox3 toolbar Flash


Toolbar (FF) Bugs in Editing a Current Bookmark - 77 views

got huge problems with my toolbar....cant see all my bookmarks. all with a "orange star" i can only see in "tags"...(all the private ones) in one of my lists are 25 bookmarks, 5 open and 20 privat...

bookmarking bugs toolbar bug

Hong Kil Dong

Diigo Toolbar cause annoying numerous proxy authorization requests on FF3 - 74 views

Yes, our proxy use Basic http authentication I've solved this problem adding Proxy-Authorization header to every request using "Modify Headers" extension

bugs firefox3 toolbar bug

Graham Perrin

Toolbar Bookmark this trims URL - 111 views

I too have this problem. What the hell? I mean, isn't it essential to be able to bookmark the URL untrimmed?

adding bugs firefox toolbar bug solidus

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