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Graham Perrin

Where did full-text search of groups go? - 33 views

Reviewing this topic alongside Tren's wishes under and with a focus on group bookmarks

review 20091006 bug search groups full-text group bookmark cache robot crawl snapshot

Graham Perrin

Diigo 4 Toolbar still useless - why bother? - 29 views

Bug > lists don't seem to work Do you mean: a) Firefox | Diigo Sidebar | My Library | Lists | menu of lists   — what happens when you pull the menu? or b) your lists?   — mine s...

bug Diigo review Firefox toolbar tag

Graham Perrin

Continuing Problem: Social Software tag (recent) list empty - 20 views

> This probably falls under the umbrella of > Correction: this is a separate issue, affecting searches beyond one's own library in Dii...

tag bug community review 20090929

Graham Perrin

page title 'pdf document' is wrong in annotated links (a.k.a: annotated links mistitled... - 18 views

I see a few examples of this bug today, most recently

bug priority review inconsistency annotated link HTML title verified Diigolet 4.0b2 pdf document gpd4

Graham Perrin

tags lost from group copy of bookmark - 9 views

See also Private highlight … shared to group and undefined - bugging the same bookmarked page.

review bug tag dataloss Diigolet 3.15b58 gpd4 956964 986916 999099

Graham Perrin

Dashboard: 1 friend request leads to no requests - 15 views

Hello, I have the same bug: 2 friends requests appear on my dsahboard but no real request.

dashboard friend request count bug gpd4 review

Graham Perrin

Tag cloud not working - 121 views

Wes and all, Diigo 4.0 beta awaits you, at your leisure …

review 20091015 Delcious import diigo tag cloud bug

Graham Perrin

URL encoding issue? Annotated link presents the wrong URL! - 29 views

> should …  > In Safari 4 Public Beta (5528.16): > > * toolbar of Diigolet 3.1b523 fails to appear Reviewing this bug following upgrade to Diigo 4.0 beta, using Saf...

review annotated link bug priority encoding apostrophe Diigolet 3.15b38 gpd4

Graham Perrin

Can not close or move comments palette/window (Diigolet drops too far): poor first impr... - 17 views

Public (anonymous, signed out) views of annotated links are greatly improved. In the past, a display with 1,024 pixels' width was too narrow for Diigolet. Now, Diigolet 4.0b2 requires far less ...

Diigolet review get annotated link Firefox WebKit Chrome bug priority resolved

Graham Perrin

Diigo groups: forum: bug: search fails to find - 17 views

@ Diigo Sorry, this may be a duplicate of a previously reported bug,

review search bug group gpd4

Graham Perrin

Firefox presents a URL different to the one bookmarked by Diigo, fails to show annotations - 11 views

> is a *good* bookmark On closer inspection: the bookmark there differs slightly from the original

review Firefox 3.0.6 bug gpd4

Graham Perrin

Bug: bookmark broken at creation, URL is missing %22 (quotation mark, U+0022) and beyond - 11 views

Hmm. Annotated link for the newer bookmark in my library is but today's annotations added using Diigolet probably 4.0b14 have appended to the earlier bookmark that should...

bookmark bug review 20091005 gpd4

Graham Perrin

watchlist is broken by multiple word tags - 36 views

Cause of breakage @ Diigo 1. a few minutes ago, worked for me 2. properly finds five bookmarks th...

resolved watchlist bug priority wontfix review 20091005

Graham Perrin

Common Stuff: chevrons: three of four contractions not working - 19 views

At for example the chevron to the left of > Tags that both … and I use (…) does work. = Bug = The other three chevrons are ineffective. = Workaro...

review www.diigo.com_profile_common click bug gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 04 Jan 09 no follow-up yet
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