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Graham Perrin

Diigo Slow to Update and Inconsistently Displaying as Private - 128 views

Graham, Re your first response: Thank you, but I should have clarified that I meant within the bookmarking part of the site (e.g. when I click "edit" a bookmark and go to add tags, in the tool...

diigo bug priority bookmarking firefox toolbar private public website display help

yc c

Students Are Bookmarking But The Bookmarks Are Not Showing Up - 24 views

I imagine you have a proxy on your server... Is it also the case if you use the Diigolet or this page ?

Diigo bug help bookmarks bookmarking bookmark Internet Explorer 7

Graham Perrin

"Hide Annotations" Bug In Toolbar - 26 views

I FIGURED IT OUT!! This is a big bug!!! Please respond when you get to this!! Here's the problem. If you have "Hide all annotations" selected, then it shuts off the toolbars ability to recogniz...

bug toolbar bugs annotations help bookmarking

Graham Perrin

Missing bookmarks again - 38 views

I'm very sorry, I was unnecessarily short with my words when I was steering to the various topics. I could have been friendlier, less officious! My post at

tags bookmarking tag bug

Joel Liu

"Recommended tags" don't appear - 54 views

Hi all, We are trying a new solution for recommendation tags. Stay tuned.

tags bug bookmarking

Suzannah Claire

Rebookmarking /Editing: Does Delicious Get it? - 71 views

One more thing, Can we add Remove Bookmark to the diigolet?

bookmarking bugs delicious diigo bug


Toolbar (FF) Bugs in Editing a Current Bookmark - 77 views

got huge problems with my toolbar....cant see all my bookmarks. all with a "orange star" i can only see in "tags"...(all the private ones) in one of my lists are 25 bookmarks, 5 open and 20 privat...

bookmarking bugs toolbar bug

Suzannah Claire

Bug:: Diigo to Delicious:: Bookmark Title - 33 views

Just another note: When we change the name/title of the bookmark from the original title that the web page gives us, (the field between URL and TAGS) the new title doesnt translate to Delicious. ...

bookmarking bug title Delicious

started by Suzannah Claire on 07 Mar 08 no follow-up yet
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