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Sean Brady

Killer Feature Request: Import RSS Feeds as Bookmarks - 344 views

Joel, that would be interesting. I am not a huge user of favorites, but I do read a lot of links each day. I think I could change my habits to use favorites as a way to save bookmarks though.

aggregator bookmarks feature feed request rss semantic tagging suggestion import bookmark

Joel Liu

Tag limit is too limiting. - 182 views

Hi Chris, You can download 3.1.5 version FF toolbar now. The tag limit number in this version is 20.

bookmark design feature flaw interface request tag

Fuzbolero .

Exclusion of specific tags on users' main bookmarks listing (and main feed) - 27 views

joel wrote: > How about we provide an option "Set QuickD as private by default". When this option is checked, all QuickD bookmarks are private. Then these bookmarks will not be presented when othe...

bookmark exclusion feature quickd tag

Oliver S.

[Discussion] bookmarks access suggestion - 32 views

I too like this suggestion. I have seen something similar elsewhere. This two level menu could provide a lot of information in a structured way.

bookmark discussion feature

Joel Liu

Does Diigolet support simultaneous bookmarking to other online bookmarking services? - 31 views

One solution we thought before was to provide service-side support for simultaneously bookmark. However, if other bookmark services don't accept bookmarks from diigo, it will be a problem.

bookmark diigolet elsewhere feature

Maggie Tsai

My Bookmark Tabs - 12 views

On the my Bookmarks page there are 4 tabs: All Unread Public Private. I would like to suggest that two more tabs be added: With Highlights and With Annotations. I really think this would be useful....

bookmark feature

Maggie Tsai

Toolbar bookmark list - 25 views

Hi Loyola & Soulgrind, These are interesting ideas - will discuss here. Thanks for your suggestion.

bookmark feature toolbar list tag cloud drop down menu submenu search live filter link transparent pop-up box button suggestion

Maggie Tsai

Local Browser Bookmark Options - 52 views

Glad that you feel that way. We think so, too, and will be the absolute best :-) Please kindly assist us spreading the words. As more people participate, the more we all benefit from collectiv...

bookmark feature

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