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yc c

How to moderate when it's possible that a person's first post is a simple mistake? - 55 views

I - at last - clean up some pilling requests I didn't want to ban. I approved them and then remove them. This means: 1 - approve + remember name 2 - remove membership 3 - search persons sub...

group moderate new member topic bookmark post help gpd4

Graham Perrin

moderating new posts from new group members - 33 views

> to annotate (add dotted lines) to those photos Preview in Mac OS X.

group moderate new member topic bookmark post help FAQ gpd4

Graham Perrin

Direct links to pdf cannot be bookmarked? Wtf? - 111 views

> topics that are tagged PDF I forgot, at least group bookmark that's similarly tagged:

pdf url direct link post bookmark help resolved

The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy

How to become more visible on Diigo? - 19 views

Mr. Rhay, My experience with Diigo is very limited, but having moderated and participated in groups elsewhere, I have found one thing to be true: activity attracts activity, and inactivity pre...

diigo socialbookmarking profile friend bookmark groups lists post

Graham Perrin

How to bookmark multiple links? - 296 views

Suggestions Brett Terpstra — developer of the TabLinks extension for Safari, which "copies the link information for every tab open in Safari, and outputs them as a list, based on a user-def...

duplicate JavaScript bookmarks bookmark post tab multiple help suggestion

Graham Perrin

Possible to right click on a tab to quick bookmark all open tabs? - 38 views

Please enable e-mail notification for (2009-03-16), How to bookmark multiple links?

duplicate tabs post bookmark multiple tab quickd help suggestion

Graham Perrin

Visible "post a new bookmark" button everywhere - 82 views

> IMO the top-right corner is the right place for it There's another topic concerning placement at top right but AFAICT the other re...

diigo post bookmark suggestion

Soul Book


I guess he means submit it from a web page on the diigo site, rather than having to use the diigolet or toolbar. It'd be a feature that'd be pretty useful, if only very occasionally. joel wrote...

bookmark bookmarking post submit

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