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"My Bookmarks" shows blank name, someone else's bookmarks - 18 views

I restarted the browser. Now highlighted annotations appear in a different format, the bookmarks are correct, but the floating annotations are missing. IIRC, the last time I got into this state I ...

bookmark bug toolbar

Maggie Tsai

Toolbar causing IE and Firefox to crash - 15 views

We've discovered and fixed a new bug in IE. Just sent you a new IE alpha toolbar. Would you mind giving that a try? We will soon make the new toolbars, both IE and FF, available to everyone. ...

firefox ie toolbar

Maggie Tsai

Installed toolbar but it doesn't appear - 17 views

Good to hear that :-) Thanks for sharing Diigo. Let us know what forward problem you're having.


Maggie Tsai

[News] New FF toolbar released - now video clipping / playing supported - 25 views

Our engineers do miracle :-) The new FF toolbar with the new "Clip" on/off switch is now available instead of next week. Please check out

clipit news toolbar video


Need info about whats updated in diigo FF toolbar - 13 views

maggie_diigo wrote: > Sorry for the delay in writing the release note: here it is > > Auto suggested tags - in the bookmarking window, as you sta...


Maggie Tsai

Updated toolbar still conflicts with colorful tabs - 14 views

Hi Sue, When we have a chance, we will take a look - if it's a quick fix and if we have time, will do it. But no guarantee that we will be able to get to it. Please understand that it's quite ...

conflict firefox toolbar

Maggie Tsai

Toolbar conflict with colorful tabs in FF - 24 views

It happens to be an easy fix - Corrected in the latest FF toolbar now. check it out.

bug extension toolbar

Maggie Tsai

Cannot get toolbar to run properly - 16 views

Have you just upgraded to Vista Enterprise recently? Do you have any new anti-spam or security system installed? We've not had a chance to test against Vista Enterprise - will try to do so sh...

bug toolbar vista


Diigo Toolbar delays each new Firefox window - 39 views

maggie_diigo: yes, opening tabs does not cause that delay, opening new windows or opening pop-ups does. the firefox process then shows a 100% cpu usage, becomes unresponsive, as mentioned before....

firefox toolbar

sahil48 AAA

New highlight colors - 166 views

Just to give a idea about how I use multiple colors: *yellow for simple highlighing *orange (which I would like rather than pink) for key information *green for definitions *blue for any procedure...

highlight toolbar performance colour shade depth suggestion FAQ

Maggie Tsai

New toolbars updated for everyone - 43 views

Fridemar, Thanks for reporting - noted. Fridemar & Ollitolli, Hey, soon you guys can "get connected" easily. Stay tuned :-)

news toolbar spam (electronic)

Maggie Tsai

when is speed improving? - 20 views

New search upgraded - please give it a try

speed toolbar

Maggie Tsai

Toolbar bookmark list - 25 views

Hi Loyola & Soulgrind, These are interesting ideas - will discuss here. Thanks for your suggestion.

bookmark feature toolbar list tag cloud drop down menu submenu search live filter link transparent pop-up box button suggestion

Joel Liu

No way to turn off search words on toolbar. - 7 views

>>These should probably be tied to the search bar, or if not, at least have a >>way to be turned off in the options menu. Yes, it is tied to the search bar. We noticed this problem and will fix it ...

feature toolbar

Maggie Tsai

Allow user to define button order on toolbar. - 12 views

While you cannot re-arrange the "order" of the buttons, you can certainly pick and choose which button(s) you wish to have on your desktop. While some screenshots / instruction require update,...

feature toolbar

Maggie Tsai

Clicking Help opens a size locked dialog box. - 82 views

Jeremy, Thanks for your feedback. Will discuss here to see if we can make that change easily (although not a high priority, given that we are quite busy testing and rolling out some new features...

bug toolbar

Maggie Tsai

New alpha toolbar update - 24 views

A new alpha toolbar just got updated to the Diigo Lab. This version of the Diigo alpha toolbar includes the following improvements: * A new kind of sticky note: previously, a sticky note has to b...

lab toolbar

started by Maggie Tsai on 05 Apr 07 no follow-up yet

diigo resources on TechRepublic - 0 views

  • diigoToolbar-IE (9) A powerful Web annotation tool - the first of its kind. With the Diigo toolbar and the associated Web site, in addition to tagging Web pages as Delicious does, you get the following powerful features: add sticky notes and highlights to any specific texts of a Web page (unique to ...
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Diigo Toolbar for Firefox | Firefox Add-ons | Mozilla Corporation - 2 views

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