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Jorge Gamba

It's possible to extend the number of "related tags" at My Library? - 56 views

Hey! I just discovered a suggested idea at diigo's feedback, please support and vote it!. "Related tags - show more and sort by alphabet"

bug tag tags features help

Bobby White

Tags not appearing in global searches - 48 views

Wow, I'm so so bummed about this. I had no idea. Let me explain my use case. OUTSIDE of groups, I want faculty from various universities (unknown, in some cases) to be able to network around bookm...

tag tags problem

Rob Webb

"has no public tags" can't see tag cloud - delicious import - 56 views

Thank you so much! That's fantastic news! I appreciate it

bug tag cloud delicious tags import public

A. D.

How to view tags in cloud in V5 - 98 views

Dont tell me you disabled the option to view your tags in a tag cloud? I cant find where to view the cloud.

tag-cloud cloud tags tag

KPI_Library Bookmarks

Group tags - 35 views

That odd behavior seems to have been resolved.

groups group tags tag bug resolved

Graham Perrin

Tags not removed reliably - 27 views

> Please enable e-mail notification for: > > (2010-03-24) That topic is inexplicably missing. Please instead enable e-mail notification ...

diigo bug tags tag

Graham Perrin

Seeing what lists bookmarks are in... (still waiting) - 40 views

Cross reference (2010-01-11) See what lists bookmarks are in, while looking at a list

diigo organization tags lists list viewing view tag bookmarks search add delete suggestion

Graham Perrin

"Tag Rules" or "Tag groups" - 61 views

Re: organising tags hierarchically (groups, bundles, sub-tags etc.), topics (2007), (20...

diigo feature suggestions tags suggestion tag

Graham Perrin

Suggesstion feature: adding bookmark with tag - UX - 30 views

Ah OK, now I see the FAYT (find as you type) for the Tags field, I can't recall whether it was present in the previous version of Diigo online. Post to Diigo dialogue aside: do you use more o...

UX bookmarking tags UI GUI suggestion bookmark tag

Graham Perrin

"no bookmarks tagged" problem - 40 views

Already, there are various topics on the subject. For each relevant topic that you find, please enable e-mail notification. Keyword: patience :-)

no bookmarks tagged bug tags problem tag resolved duplicate

Graham Perrin

Is there a way to search or sort lists according to their tags - 48 views

> Isn't a list a tagged item? Yes and no. Whilst editing a list, you can apply a keyword. After edition, the keyword is described as a tag. Whilst the keyword may be described as a tag, it...

lists tags sort searching rss-feed RSS feed tag list help

ali zaidi

how can one select tags from a menu on diigo - 32 views

thanks a lot graham for your feedback . really appreciate it. i just logged in today just to see that mytags has imported all my tags and showing an expandable list also. i think initially when i ...

resolved tags selection tag menu Delicious import help

Graham Perrin

Missing bookmarks again - 38 views

I'm very sorry, I was unnecessarily short with my words when I was steering to the various topics. I could have been friendlier, less officious! My post at

tags bookmarking tag bug

Graham Perrin

Search Protocol Reference - 0 views

Todd Suomela

Missing Typeahead or auto-complete tags on bookmark web page and also via Diigo toolbar - 39 views

I notice that "My Tags" box on the right side of the My Bookmark page has 3000 listed as the limit number of tags. The tags that are missing in both the toolbar and in the typeahead box end at the...

firefox tag-related tags bookmark auto-complete tag limit help

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