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Graham Perrin

Mediactive » Two Tools for Archiving Web Pages - 16 views

  • Tools for Archiving Web Pages
  • by Josh Sprague
  • Diigo
  • ...13 more annotations...
  • Internet research
  • many interesting things
  • collaborators
  • snapshot
  • What Diigo calls a screenshot
  • October 7th, 2009
  • the user can still search and highlight the text
    • Graham Perrin
      Maybe some confusion? A single snapshot comprises an HTML file and a PNG (screen shot), both cached. The snapshot page defaults to an HTML version. Texts within HTML cached copies are indexed, and can be searched; and cached HTML content is used for the underlying part of an annotated view, but: * it is not (or should not be) possible to draw new Diigo highlights across cached copies.
  • is a cached version
  • PositivePress
  • priced high for those only interested in page archival
  • impressive
  • a one-button approach
  • searchable, cached
The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy

Digg to Take On StumbleUpon and TinyURL? | WebProNews - 0 views

    Chris Crum (the author) writes about a rumored upcoming Digg toolbar incorporating random search, and asks if this is bad news for Stumbleupon, as that is the service's key feature. Perhaps, but Crum hasn't given us reason enough to think so. Randomness, by itself, isn't a big deal. Webrings had incorporated it into their code long before there was a Stumbleupon. Carefully weightened randomness is what Stumbleupon does. Stumbleupon offers a blogging platform, albeit a seriously flawed one. Digg does not. Those who submit content to Digg risk loss of membership if the content proves to be unpopular enough; so far as I know, Stumbleupon users don't have the same worry, outside of a little political whackiness in the fora. I'm left with the impression that Crum repeats somebody who has read too much into too little, having little familiarity with the capabilities of the SU system, and with the policy differences between the two sites.
The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Stumble-Spam - 1 views

    Alex Laburu raises a serious point about Stumbleupon than that to be found in the bookmark above; that perverse incentives are built in to the system by SU's business model, in which the company makes money, not from visits to blogs on their system, but by getting paid for "stumbles" - random visits to sponsor websites taking place through their system. Under such a model, Laburu argues, a well written blog costs the company money, because it is a blog visitors are less likely to leave soon via a stumble - and those following its links aren't stumbling. He raises a good point (among others), one that should lead SU users to view with concern the supposedly good feature that is the absence of advertising on our blogs on SU, because it provides SU admins with a short term incentive to side with those misusing the system at the expense of those using it constructively. Which does leave us with the question of how Diigo is making its money, does it? One might ask if many of the users bring this sort of thing upon themselves - listen in on the screaming when the very possibility of introducing advertising is raised, on some sites, as if the hosting service didn't need to make money. Perhaps when the subject arises here - Diigo is still in Beta as I write this - some of us might want to speak in support of that very sensible source of revenue for a company we'd like to evolve in a healthier direction than that being taken by some of its competition, at the moment.
The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy

Citizen Garden Episode 11: Whither Ma.gnolia? on Vimeo - 0 views

    Larry Halff of Ma.gnolia (where I and many other users were before we came to Diigo) is interviewed, following the collapse of that service, and explains what he did wrong, without evasion. Many of us wish him well, and hope that both he manages to rebuild his company after this regrettable incident.
Techno Shakti

KnowEm UserName Check - Thwart Social Media Identity Theft, check Username Availability - 0 views

shared by Techno Shakti on 31 Aug 09 - Cached
    • Techno Shakti
      And here's DIIGO....
    My KnowEm result for Tipjoy was false.
    I don't know how this bookmark got here? Chalk it up to learning. I did sticky note it and then thought I x'd the mark entirely (overwhelming to even look at...!) - but maybe some will find it useful
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