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Graham Perrin

Search as you type bookmarks crashed my browser - 21 views

yuppi c wrote: > can crash my browser, if not it lags. > Firefox 3.5.2 Firefox crashes and performance problems should be reported to developers of Firefox. Regards Graham

Diigo GUI search-feature bugs crash browser Firefox menu FAYT crash (computing)

Graham Perrin

Toolbar Failing to Display Items to Left of Highlight - 60 views

> Once or twice in the past I found (and posted) some other workaround, > tagged the topic thoughtfully, but at the moment I > can't relocate the topic :( ah well never mind Found that other to...

Toolbar bugs Firefox help custom drag drop resolved

Call Me What You Want

Interesting Bug (Possible FF Extension Conflict) - 53 views

Yeah, I forgot about that factor. Sorry if I couldn't help pinpoint the extension that was causing the issue but I think it was probably a rare extension. I have several experimental extension...

bugs firefox bug add-on extension conflict resolved

Call Me What You Want

Reference Error: $ is not defined - 45 views

Not sure if this has anything to do with Autopager since it's the only add-on I have installed since then but I'm getting this error when trying to reply to the forum. I did try replying with it d...

bugs firefox bug

started by Call Me What You Want on 20 Aug 08 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Toolbar Bookmark this trims URL - 111 views

I too have this problem. What the hell? I mean, isn't it essential to be able to bookmark the URL untrimmed?

adding bugs firefox toolbar bug solidus

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