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Louis Thomas

Two way (bidirectional) sync or offline editing - 234 views

Did you find any service? i'm interested in bidirectional sync, and i have no succes in found one!

bookmarks diigo sync bidirectional two way offline edit organize manage library API suggestion question

Graham Perrin

Searching my library fails to find matching titles - 27 views

My searches are working fine now. Did you make any changes? Or was it just a delay in indexing? It's weird that it took a few days... By the way, this is a great product!

bug resolved diigo toolbar library bookmark title search

Graham Perrin

"my library" is not working - 15 views

Please see nearby (2010-03-23) Cannot save to Library? My guess: Diigo services are working through a queue of recent changes, and your libr...

diigo bug library bookmark help

Graham Perrin

Bookmark's annotations in the group's page don't match with my library - 70 views

> annotations in the group's page don't match with my library Often true. The word 'share' can be misleading. After the initial copy from your library to (say) two groups: * group activity i...

diigo bug wording annotation groups group library mylibrary

Graham Perrin

Search if bookmarked + Does not show up - 28 views

Yes, the same result. The mis-count is probably comparable to (2008-11-02) mis-counts of bookmarks and readers at 'Reader Community' and at 'Site Community'

bug diigo search library suggestion bookmark meta dataloss inconsistency description network toolbar save button dialogue view

Maggie Tsai

Survival Strategies « (No Longer) Alone in a Library - 0 views

  • The most pleasant surprises that I’ve had in this course is Diigo.  I’ve been a Diigo user for some time now, but this class is the first time where the ability to make public annotations to webpages has lived up to its potential.  It’s amazing to me to see discussions emerging in the margins of the articles I’m reading.  Diigo is perhaps the most profitable way that I’ve found to connect to insightful classmates.
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