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Help, my bookmarks keep opening in the sidebar instead of my main Firefox window! - 14 views

Thanks for the follow-up.The problem can not be reproduced. To assist us debugging the problem, can you please follow these instruction and then send your firefox profile? 1 disable other add-ons...

firefox diigo bug


Diigo-Button in Firefox Navigation-Bar / Version 5.1.016 - 106 views

Just installed the latest The Diigo button can now be moved and takes off the toolbar. Thank you Diigo team - for the quick turnaround!

firefox diigo toolbar

march j

Firefox 4 Toolbar - 107 views


diigo Toolbar firefox FF firefox4

Yoni Blumberg

Firefox 4 compatibility - 118 views

If Firefox 4 is getting released as final soon and the newest version of the Diigo toolbar isn't working on it, even with compatibility check disabled, I imagine it should be a priority. Do we know...

toolbar diigo bug firefox firefox4 Mozilla Firefox suggestion

the insider

diigo firefox add on stops wordpress audio player working - 8 views

Sorry I have now uninstalled the add on as quite frankly I haven't the time to iron out bugs like this. But firefox version 3.6.8

Diigo Firefox wordpress

Graham Perrin

Export in HTML didn't include tags! - 241 views

At > How to create a JSON file for import in FF3 *externally*? > to import tags, you have to us...

diigo firefox tag export bug Netscape

Graham Perrin

Diigo Slow to Update and Inconsistently Displaying as Private - 128 views

Graham, Re your first response: Thank you, but I should have clarified that I meant within the bookmarking part of the site (e.g. when I click "edit" a bookmark and go to add tags, in the tool...

diigo bug priority bookmarking firefox toolbar private public website display help

Claudia Alvis Translator

The filter tool from Firefox sidebar is not working - 16 views

I don't have the problem anymore but I had to uninstall Firefox and install everything again to fix it. Uninstalling Diigo didn't fix it. Thanks for following up.

firefox diigo sidebar bug Mozilla Firefox resolved

Yuri Câmara

Highlighting not showing in Firefox 3.6 - 72 views

Good Afternoon! I have a similar problem and I am not able to fix it. I have two computers with Firefox 3.6. In one of them Diigo works perfectly but when I use the other one,the highlights and the...

Diigo Bug toolbar firefox resolved

Dean Mantz

Diigo Blog » Create a new Diigo List on the fly - 9 views

    Creating new list on the fly
Nick Drew

Firefox Remove Bookmark button text vanishes - 64 views

Although it seems to be a small problem, it is hard to be solved. We use standard firefox API and it still causes some confliction.

bug UI GUI diigo Firefox Mozilla Firefox

Vahid Masrour

diigo toolbar acting funny - 20 views

Thanks! Curiously, they did reappear on their own.

toolbar button help firefox diigo bug resolved worksforme

Julian Knight

Is Diigo dying? - 81 views

Joel, the link you give here works. The link on the web site DID NOT. You've clearly fixed it as it DOES now work. Cheers.

diigo bug firefox

Richard Lloyd

Diigo's Bookmark Elsewhere | Firefox - 49 views

Its great that diigo can save bookmarks to your browsers bookmark folder. In the instance of Firefox, however, diigo's way of saving creates a problem. When diigo saves a bookmark back to Firefox, ...

diigo firefox suggestion bookmark-elsewhere

started by Richard Lloyd on 19 Oct 09 no follow-up yet
Francesco De feudis

Trace button: what is? - 65 views

Your English is fine :-) Amongst the tags that I have added to your topic: trace finds the most likely explanation. Regards Graham

Diigo toolbar Firefox button help trace duplicate resolved

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