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Lutz S

Delete Followers - 42 views

feature request suggestion diigo follow follower

started by Lutz S on 04 Dec 09 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

I Created A Group ( Diigo Feature Requests Community) to Discuss & Consolidate all Diig... - 45 views

> matching topics but the display is bugged, it shows no more than > six matches That bug is reported at

diigo feature request community suggestion

Sean Brady

Killer Feature Request: Import RSS Feeds as Bookmarks - 344 views

Joel, that would be interesting. I am not a huge user of favorites, but I do read a lot of links each day. I think I could change my habits to use favorites as a way to save bookmarks though.

aggregator bookmarks feature feed request rss semantic tagging suggestion import bookmark

Joel Liu

FR: Take plurals into account when tagging/searching tags - 62 views

I was just searching for a site that I was pretty sure I'd tagged, a photography site. But I searched for "photo" and "image" and it didn't come up. Finally I found it and discovered I'd tagged it ...

annoying feature features plurals request search useful

Soul Book

FR: Sidebar links have "edit" link - 66 views

not too often. Only if i realise i've made a mistake. Its not a hugely important feature for me. (and I've just realised I can click on the "my bookmarks" link under the toolbar to get the list o...

feature request sidebar sometime useful

Soul Book

Feature Request: smart lists or compound tags - 84 views

gmail filters would be very cool for power users. Though I think smart lists/smart groups might be easier for a lot of users to pick up. Both would be nice ;-)

feature lists request tags

Joel Liu

Tag limit is too limiting. - 183 views

Hi Chris, You can download 3.1.5 version FF toolbar now. The tag limit number in this version is 20.

bookmark design feature flaw interface request tag

Ellen H.

Tag list in new topic window? - 244 views

Thanks. :) Hopefully it can be implemented.

feature request

Suzannah Claire

Feature Request RSS:: The importance of "read" and "unread" - 52 views

Sorry for all the posts, I am just heavily working on Diigo today. I dont know if this is a feature request or perhaps a bug, so i thought i would just let you know. This request is in regards t...

feature read request rss unread

started by Suzannah Claire on 09 Mar 08 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Feature Request:: Edit Function in Lists - 35 views

> edit the bookmark while under lists This feature was added to Diigo a while ago, I can't remember when. > condense the view Maybe have a three way-switch, similar to the one that presents in ...

feature interface lists request

Maggie Tsai

[diigolet feature request] put caret automatically - 40 views

Got it. Thanks for your suggestion. Added to our to-do.

caret diigolet feature request stickynote

Maggie Tsai

[Feature Request] Delete option (concerning diigo toolbar) - 24 views

In the new toolbar, you will be able to remove bookmark. However, it's not possible to delete bookmark that you've already saved to delicious. We have no control over other services once data...

feature request


Feature request: blog commenting help - 22 views

It's very difficult to keep in mind my comments to the many blogs I read. Now I try to use Diigo to solve this, after commenting, I higlhlight my comment and add a comment tag, thus I can search fo...

feature request

started by KGyST1 KGyST on 09 Nov 07 no follow-up yet
Joel Liu

Feature Request: Bookmark reminders, Expiry Date... - 12 views

Both are good ideas. I will record and discuss it with my team members. BTW, after V3, we will build a small vote system in which all users can vote for new features they want.

feature request

Wade Ren

Feature Request: For:Group special tag - 18 views

for:user may make more sense than for:group, since group names now tend to be quite long feature request Delicious

Joel Liu

Wishes for searchbox, My Home Button, tag editing - 9 views

For 1) 2), they are good suggestions and we will implement it later For 3) This was already implemented in our new alpha. Tt will be available to you soon. Thanks.

feature request

Hans Wobbe

Feature request: Hide Tags - to save loading time.... - 33 views

Joel... Since you asked... I think that the idea of making this an option is a good one. I also think such an option should be part of a personalization set of options so that each member can se...

ajax feature loading request tags suggestion

Dr. Fridemar Pache

Suggestion: consider default categorisation, perhaps a separate issue tracker - 49 views

TipForSearching sharing the effort of selecting, copying, pasting the given link ;-) -- fridemar

feature forum request

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