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How to set certain bookmark folders to private? - 46 views

1)Please go to the specific list and click on the "edit" button. 2)select "private,only me"

diigo bookmarks private

ali zaidi

how can bookmarks be made private (i.e they are only access by you) - 53 views

You can select no more than 100 bookmarks at time. At we see > with 493 Public Bookmarks (593 total) so I guess that you should repeat the operation for ...

bookmarks public private help resolved

Carol McWilliams

Bookmarks insist on being private, against my will - 444 views

Diigo powers-that-be, please approve the following bookmarks that are restricted to "private" status. After reading through this thread, I realize that some the bookmarks which keep switching bac...

bookmarks private public convert import Furl bug suggestion URL porn filter help workaround

KARR 4.0 !

Lists - 22 views

welcame to Diigo . contact them at ( for relatively faster response ) or mail them info[at]diigo[dot]com post ur feature request and suggestions join Diigo Feature...

private bookmarks suggestion

Graham Perrin

Will Furl export/Diigo import "private" Furl bookmarks? - 98 views

Nina Birnbaum wrote: > Will Furl export/Diigo import "private" Furl bookmarks? Steve Silver wrote: > bookmarks from Furl still haven't shown up Steve: your issue is different from the one desc...

import Furl private bookmarks resolved

Graham Perrin

How to add group-shared highlights to a page that is already shared with the group? - 179 views

Joel and co, many thanks! From the perspective of the sticker (me), testing at the moment in Firefox 3.0.4, behaviour appears to be good. If it's working as expected then Diigo members o...

bookmarks private public shared highlights suggestion resolved

Oliver S.

Bookmarks on a Private List - 84 views

Privacy for bookmarks and privacy for lists are separate things. One is independent from the other. Your bookmarks will always keep their privacy setting that you chose when you created (or importe...

bookmarks lists private

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