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My Monaro

Docs in the cloud - 71 views

I agree with Graham Penn, when signing up to Diigo I too was under the impression I could save docs to my acount. However, not the case. This would be an added bonus, if this was the case. Recentl...

help document cloud computing uploading and downloading gpd4

Graham Perrin

bookmark view - 37 views

Comparison A bookmark view in Diigo: A bookmark view in M...

FAQ help hint bookmark view gpd4

Graham Perrin

What value is there in tagging a list? - 39 views

I can add tags to a list, but when I search for those tags the list is not found. So: what value is there in tagging a list?

help puzzle list tag gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 27 Jul 10 no follow-up yet
Russ Goerend liked it
Graham Perrin

Two or more volunteers, please - 15 views

Still awaiting one or more people to: 1. join 2. post a test topic (nothing of value) 3. post another test topic. Thanks.

help group moderate gpd4

Graham Perrin

I can't follow my friend (limit reached) - 72 views explains how a limit is calculated. questions why there is no longer a statement ...

follow gpd4 follow_me diigo bug help

Graham Perrin

directions to help for Diigo 3 lead to help for Diigo 4 - 5 views

At and in other places, the invitation to browse help for v3 leads to help for v4.

bug orientation help gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 20 Oct 09 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

group: bookmarks: more: link - 48 views

Re-opening this topic for a minor improvement suggestion. It's impossible to learn the URL of the group bookmark if you are not a member of the group. Example: at

suggestion thanks orientation group bookmark view e-mail alert notification puzzle help 973002 978264 981897 gpd4 thank you


Diigo messaging in relation to following - 31 views

Messages can only be sent between friends on diigo. Please follow this person and you become friends on diigo. Finally you can send messages to them.

message follow puzzle help gpd4

Graham Perrin

hyperlink in group description - 6 views

Surprise! Diigo 4.0 beta supports hyperlinks within group descriptions :) Example at

help group description hyperlink URL link HTML gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 03 Oct 09 no follow-up yet
yc c

How to moderate when it's possible that a person's first post is a simple mistake? - 55 views

I - at last - clean up some pilling requests I didn't want to ban. I approved them and then remove them. This means: 1 - approve + remember name 2 - remove membership 3 - search persons sub...

group moderate new member topic bookmark post help gpd4

Graham Perrin

moderating new posts from new group members - 33 views

> to annotate (add dotted lines) to those photos Preview in Mac OS X.

group moderate new member topic bookmark post help FAQ gpd4

Graham Perrin

some groups appear empty - 47 views

@ Joel/Diigo Looking at this more closely, I wonder whether Nelle and I encountered two bugs (or two sets of symptoms) during our chat. Focusing on the event timed at 14:53:31 (UK) in the...

bug fixed verified resolved thanks help priority puzzle group gpd4 thank you

Graham Perrin

Delete Diigo lists for Greasemonkey - 7 views

  • useful if you migrated from Furl
  • use this script
    • Graham Perrin
      "… uninstall the script before you start making more lists …"
    Thanks to Diigo user Tim McCormack for contributing this script!
Graham Perrin

Considerate placement of floating sticky notes - 67 views

When you place a floating sticky note, please do so considerately. If you move someone else's note, please do so considerately. Advice 1. First, view the site...

floating sticky note help FAQ gpd4

Vincent Tsao

group tag dictionary: limit? - 92 views

joel have explaination here, continue our discuss in that topic thread tag dictionary limit help gpd4

Graham Perrin

public and private highlights, and public/private/group stickies and comments - 67 views

@ David Is Diigo 4.0 beta more intuitive? I have not paid great attention to wording but I suspect that there are improvements to (at least) the descriptions of highlights. Less confusion between ...

help gpd4

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