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Damien E

Display all related tags in the list - 24 views

diigo suggestion tag related tags Search optimization

started by Damien E on 05 Jan 10
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  • Damien E
    I tag my bookmarks with many tags. For each bookmark some tags are general (i.e. ecology) others are specific (i.e. Copenhagen). When I want to find them searching by tags I start with general tags (i.e. ecology) then, I search for specific tags (i.e. Copenhagen). The issue is that not all of the specific tag are displayed in the list (i.e. if Copenhagen was tagged only one time it likely won't be displayed in tags related to ecology). As a consequence, I can't find the bookmarks I want...
  • Graham Perrin
    > I start with general tags… then, I search for specific

    Is the result more pleasing if you begin with a specific search?

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