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Any plans for tag bundles or sub tags? - 287 views

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started by Herbert on 09 Dec 08
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  • Graham Perrin
    Hi Herbert

    > maybe if a … would auto update the … as soon as I tag something with the same tag


    2. I'm watching: | Add

    3. Subscribe to tags

    Credit to Sean Brady for discovering this feature.

    ('My Watchlist' is offered in the Discover menu but I rarely use the Discover menu to discover ;) - there's more than enough to discover elsewhere in the Diigo web domains!)
  • Graham Perrin
    Subject: sub categories and trees

    > any thing with sub categories or so would be very fine. Maybe a tree
    > structure or something else ...

    Personally I struggle with structures such as taxonomies, categories and trees.

    In group environments, it's difficult to gain agreement on such structures.

    In academic/research environments such as mine, agreement can be doubly difficult ;)

    Still, I'm interested in your vision, not least because the environment in which I most often use trees - Plone content management system - offers multi-crieria collection (a.k.a aggregation, previously k.a. smart folders) and categories (previously k.a. keywords and still subject to enhancement), such things free site managers and users from the constraints/arguments of trees, and so all audiences are pleased. My site trees remain non-complex and most importantly, non-contentious.

    (When I juggle or re-style key elements of a Plone site, the most vociferous planners/critics utter not a word. Things remain found, URLs and content don't break, generally a very happy situation, a rare pleasure :)


    Back to Diigo. Elswehere in this forum there's a mass of recent discussion concerning filters and filtration:**

    and lists and tabs and views and whatnot,
    and customisation or personalisation thereof:**

    (I sense parallels between all of that, and collections/categories etc. in Plone.)

    If you can plough through a little of that (!) and sketch something that could be applicable to Diigo UIs for groups and for self, it would be a fine addition to the mix.

  • anonymous
    A very nice article on tags, search and folders, it also describes the evolution of a hierarchy of tags, as described above by Herbert.
  • Graham Perrin
    > have an unobtrusive visual structure of tags

    > maybe in a little tree map

    @ Herbert

    Would you be happy with an appearance of your trees as a drop down menu?

    > at the sidebar in the "My Tags" oder "My Bookmarks" page

    If things are rearranged considerately, might you be happy with the tree/map (or menu or whatever) somewhere _other_ than sidebar?

    Or, are you particularly fond of having such things set _aside_?


    @ all

    In my mind's eye, alongside the above, I'm considering: Scott Allam's 2008-11-27 rapid prototype, on-line/off-line, iPhone, filters, notions of 'read later', personal customisations, premiums/subscriptions, Google and other searches and advertisements, Diigo customisations, dashboard etc.. Sketches to follow at some point, in a separate topic.
  • Graham Perrin
    On the subject of hierarchies, I recommend (highlights from a 2005 post to Chandler Project wiki).

    A hierarchy of tags that suits a particular user may be ill-suited to other users in (say) Diigo group and watchlist environments.

    There's also Common Tag format to consider.
  • Graham Perrin
    The opening post is missing from this topic 553997 but I like it for what remains.

    An earlier topic:

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