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InfoNet by Patricia Fernandez

Suggestion: Add to Section feature in Lists - 284 views

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started by InfoNet by Patricia Fernandez on 16 Aug 09
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  • InfoNet by Patricia Fernandez
    Hello again,

    As you see, I particularly enjoy the Lists feature of Diigo and I have another suggestion to make for its improvement.

    Once a list becomes really long, it's difficult to organize it. Creating sections is a fantastic way to do so, but again I have trouble when I want to move my 101 bookmark to some section of the first page of my list.

    It'd be great to add an ADD TO SECTION feature in the options menu for the bookmarks included in a list, apart from the existing UP, DOWN, TOP, BOTTON options. When you click this new option, you should be able to choose from your sections (just as you choose from your lists or your groups when saving a bookmark) and move the bookmark to that specific location of your list.

    Thanks again for everything,
  • Graham Perrin
    Hi, a nice suggestion, and I don't disagree that it would be useful for lists that are unusually long.

    However, a couple of questions:

    1. When you extend a list that's already long: is the extension more for your benefit, or for the benefit of other readers?

    2. Similarly, when you order a long list in a particular way: is that combination of great length + order more for your benefit, or for the benefit of other readers?

    Glancing at and the more familiar collapsed view there's a great deal there and for anyone who wishes to filter out anything, the option is not present.

    Normally at e.g. the related tags portlet appears at top right, allowing viewers to easily refine the results, condense the list.

    (Side note: layout of that particular list is broken, cross reference so related tags have fallen to the far end of the list.)


    * for short lists, I'm a great fan of order
    * beyond a certain (nebulous) length, I tend to prefer more flexible ways of representing information.

    How do you find the tagging and related interfaces in Diigo 3 beta?

  • InfoNet by Patricia Fernandez
    Hello Graham,

    I guess that when I make a suggestion I'm thinking primarly in myself, what I would like to see in Diigo, but I thought that maybe other people would agree and find it useful as well, both as users and as readers.

    The tagging system is ok. And it's true that it's easier to condense information this way. I guess I just like having things visually organized in one place - and that, for me, would be a list.

    I've read some people's comments on tag bundles (Delicious-style). Maybe that could be a useful feature to add more organization to our bookmarks page. It would be like creating categories.

    Anyway, I'm a little worried about the broken layout of some of my lists. I've read your post about it and I'm following it. Hope the Diigo team finds a solution soon.

    Thanks for your answer,
  • InfoNet by Patricia Fernandez
  • Graham Perrin
    A related topic: (2010-06-24),
    'Feature request'.
  • Marc Reck
    Yeah i would really like this as well if it's possible?

    I switched over to diigo from delicious so that i could have better control over the bookmarks. I group the bookmarks into the main areas using lists and create sections for the subheadings. I love the integration with the android, but the two problems i've run into straight away is not being able to see the sections when scrolling down which means it takes ages to sort them into any kind of order, & also the problem of when lists are more than 100 long. It seems that it would be much easier if we could create subfolders in the list section, or the add to section option thats being suggested here.

    I'm right behind diigo though and have been recommending to the web professionals already as evolution of delicious. i would like to write a blog post of ways it integrates when the rss limit of 20 and this is sorted, so hope it is possible or there is a workaround.

    All the best

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