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Chris hk

Please allow highlighting for less than four characters! - 69 views

started by Chris hk on 17 Jul 08
  • Chris hk
    Hi there,

    I use diigo for the Chinese internet as well. Since Chinese words are mostly composed of two characters, it is impossible to highlight just one word and add a note with the four characters rule. This allows me to mark vocabulary that I had to look up conviniently on web pages which I store and might have to work with later.
    So is it possible to allow highlighting and adding sticky notes for less than four characters!!???

    I would appreciate such a change!


  • Joel Liu
    Hi Chris,
    Sorry, there are some technical difficulties to highlight and re-show the highlights accurately for less characters on the page:(.
  • Chris hk
    Ohh! I see! Thanks.
  • Graham Perrin
    Is the requirement to highlight:

    a) at least four characters


    b) at least five characters?

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