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5 ways to enhance your IQ level - 0 views

shared by smnasha on 27 Dec 14 - No Cached
    In the past, it is supposed that IQ level depends on family background. It was not now actually correct. Recently it has been found that one can enhance his IQ level by exercise and changing food habits. It has been shown below what is that 5 ways.

How to dig the useful part of the picture - 1 views

Many times, when we see a picture, we will go to evaluate it where there is better where there is defective. This time, we hope to have a tool that can help us achieve any editing to make the pictu...

Software AllPepole My PhotoEditor

started by allpepole on 05 Dec 14 no follow-up yet
sobia khan

If You Want To Win it Apple, You Need To Show it In 2013 - 0 views

    Apple as we know today is a lot more than "an apple a day, keeps a doctor away." Yes, we know Apple a lot more than that now. In the recent year, Apple has shown pretty good performance regardless of the tough competition it went through.
lu yang

To win patent battle Apple iPad original model diagram Submitted early - 2 views

In recent years, Apple's visibility is quite high, in addition to selling fire iPhone, iPad, as well as with other vendors a variety of patent war. Samsung disputes in these cases it is the largest...

reliablefr iPad

started by lu yang on 31 Jul 12 no follow-up yet
Sybil Griffin

I Saved Money with Mobile Carpets - 1 views

When our new house needed new carpets, I contacted a carpet company for quotes. A day after that, the mobile showroom of CarpetsOnTheMove happened to pass by our house. I called the mobile showroom...

commercial carpet

started by Sybil Griffin on 22 Jun 11 no follow-up yet
Adam Mills

iPad 2 Spotted In China? - 0 views

    Apple is gearing up to announce their latest iPad in San Francisco today but it looks like the iPad 2 may have shown up a bit early. In China.
Adam Mills

iPhone 4G shows up again on video - 6 views

    The iPhone 4G has shown up on video again in Portugal with extensive video showing off its outer casing. Check it out.
Adam Mills

iPhone 4G screen details revealed - 10 views

    The iPhone 4G has purportedly shown up again and this time juicy details about the upcoming phone's screen have been revealed. Needless to say, it looks good.
yc c

ContinueTheSentence.Com - 0 views

    online game. Visitors add words to the sentence which is to be continued. The words added can be clicked and tag search results from Flickr and YouTube are shown.

Apple Human Interface Guidelines: Icon Genres and Families - 0 views

  • For example, the icons for user applications are colorful and inviting, while utilities have a more serious appearance. Figure 10-2 shows user application icons in the top row and utility icons in the bottom row. These genres are further described in "User Application Icons" and "Utility Icons".Figure 10-2  Two icon genres: User application icons in top row; utility icons in bottom rowThe graphic flexibility of Aqua icons can also help users identify files associated with an application. In iTunes, for example, a visual cue provided in the application icon is carried over into icons for other files associated with iTunes, forming an icon family, as shown in Figure 10-3.
    This page is no longer found.
thanaads Thanaads Noo

HTC Touch HD vs iPhone 3G | Mobile Phone News Update - 0 views

    Even though the unit you see in the picture is still just a pre-release model, it's hard to deny that the HTC Touch HD does look better than the iPhone 3G thanks to its bigger and brighter display.
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